Warhammer - Dark Omen (NTSC-U)

GameShark & Pro Action Replay Codes for the PS1 aka the PSX.

final kaoss

Staff member
TopHave Max Armorraven1878014CC16 0114
TopHave Max Armorraven1878014CE4A 0304
TopHave Max Armorraven1878014C926 0114
TopHave Max Expraven1878014C978 5AED
TopHave Max Armorraven1878014CB5A 0104
TopHave Max Expraven1878014CBAC 5AED
TopHave Max Armorraven1878014CA9E 0104
TopHave Max Expraven1878014CAF0 5AED
TopHave Max Armorraven1878014C9E2 0104
TopHave Max Expraven1878014CA34 5AED
TopHave Max Armorraven1878014CD8E 0104
TopInfinite Cashraven187800C4AA4 FFFF
TopInfinite Magic (Battle Screen)raven187800B48E4 0008
TopInfinite MoneyMassimiliano Bucedi800C4A0C FFFF
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