Warcraft II - The Dark Saga (NTSC-U)

GameShark & Pro Action Replay Codes for the PS1 aka the PSX.

final kaoss

Staff member
TopInfinite Moneyraven187800101D8 FFFF
TopInfinite Oilraven18780010218 FFFF
TopInfinite Woodraven18780010198 FFFF
TopInfinite FoodThunder2800995B6 FFFF
TopInfinite Moneyraven18780010188 FFFF
TopInfinite Oilraven18780010208 FFFF
TopInfinite Woodraven187800101C8 FFFF
TopInfinite FoodThunder2800995B4 FFFF
TopInfinite Moneyraven187800101C4 FFFF
TopInfinite Oilraven18780010124 FFFF
TopInfinite Woodraven18780010184 FFFF
TopLumber +25Thunder280099454 0001
TopLumber +25Thunder280099456 0001
TopCheat SelectorThunder2D01619C8 0104
80160314 0002
D01619C8 0101
80160314 0006
D01619C8 0108
80160314 0017
D01619C8 0102
80160314 0007
Press L1+SELECT for `Quick Build & Upgrade'
Press L2+SELECT for `Invincible Units & Buildings'
Press R1+SELECT for `Full Upgrades'
Press R2+SELECT for `Show Map'
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