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You know, Sony now seems like the "big-evil-corporation-guy". Well, they always kind of were.

But remember when they were innovating the music industry back in the 1980's with the Walkman? Before they were even considered bringing Sega down to the ground?


Those Walkmen were pretty cool. So cool that I got one!

hudsthinking1999's video - My Walkman | Vidme

So much betrayal, I know.

But, at least I got, like, 20-some cassettes for less than $5, which is an amazing deal.

Despite the dislike I have for Sony for bringing Sega into the ground, I actually like the Walkman. I have the Sports version with the built-in clock (WM-F2078). It's not nearly as compact as an iPod, but it still is a pretty nice machine, especially with all of the cassettes I bought for it.

And let's be serious, can an iPod play a cassette?



Still, I really like the Walkman, and it's a nice alternative to the iPod, especially when you have a huge collection of cassettes.

Also, remember those weird Walkman commercials with the monkey? :lol:
Sony Walkman CM 1987 - YouTube
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