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9th Puzzle Water Wheel Center Piece​

You need to make two center pieces for the water wheel to work.

In order to make the center pieces, you need:
Metal- stone+fire
Forge bucket- ceramic+clay

Other important info:
Ceramic= limestone+cement
Clay= water+red earth

Making a forge bucket requires crafting to be upgraded 3 times.

Baby making and children tips​

Here are random children tips:

Children can provide food by foraging mushrooms, just put a child on a mushroom when one appears. Adults can't forage mushrooms.

Children won't work until they are 14.

When putting a child on another, they will automatically play with each other.

Children can heal a sick villager. This will improve their healing skill.

(in previous games children could gain Farming Skill by picking up mushrooms, but I haven't noticed this in this version of the game yet)

Children will have their adult's voice at the age of 11

Adults cannot have babies before they are 18

Nursing mother will stop working until the baby is 2 years old

Upgrading Medicine will increase fertility rate and chances to have twins or triplets

Twins and triplets will be identical in appearance and skills and will share the same likes/dislikes but won't have the same name.

Twins and triplets will always be all boys or all girls. You cannot have fake twins.

Children can inherit skills from their parents

The game doesn't take into account families ties, so your villager can have babies with his parents, siblings, or his own children if they are 18(it's weird, but hey, that's how the game works, I'm not responsible).

If you activate "auto-breeding' option from the skill menu, the villager will constantly try to have babies with all the adults available (including his own family) if it's a woman, she will have babies with all the adult males of the village. If it's a man, he will constantly try to have babies with all the women who don't already have babies.
If your villagers have difficulties having babies, try to upgrade the medical tech, or try a different couple of villagers.

Your village as a limited population number, which can be increased by crafting more huts. The maximum population number is 100

Fertility decrease with age. An 18 years old villager have more chances to procreate than a 50 years old villager. After 40 years old having babies is really hard, but possible if you insist a lot.

Children can die just as adults, so pay attention to their health.

If a nursing mother dies, the child won't die and automatically age to 2 years old.

Collecting fruit from your garden​

Here's a great tip! If you drop multiple villagers on your garden collectibles, you can gather more than one at a time. Such as you can with the fireflies.( i.e. If you are collecting blueberries, drop multiple villagers immediately onto the blueberry patch at the same time and they will all collect blueberries. I try to move as many villagers in close vicinity of the garden before collecting, because as soon as the 1st villager gathers the fruit, your chance to gather more will be missed.)

Crafting Combos You Can Make​

Oil = Coal + water
Stone = Lava + Water
Steam = Found/Air + Water
Ash = Fire + Dust
Clay = Red Earth + Water
Energy = Air + Fire
Dust = Earth + Air
Bacteria = Algae + Water
Mixed Herbs = Grass+ Wheat Grass
Silk = Web + Web
Clay Brick = Clay + Fire
Metal = Found/Stone + Fire
Dough = Flour + Water
Fertilizer = Mixed herbs + earth
Glass = Sand + Fire
Flour = Wheat + Stone
Limestone = Seashell + Stone
Cement = Stone + Clay
Ceramic = Limestone + Cement
Potion = Magic + Water
Worm = Fertilizer +Bacteria
Mini Eggs = Bacteria + Pond water
Rope = Vine + Vine
Antidote = Poison + Magic
Sulfur = Fertilizer + Limestone
Forge Bucket = Ceramic + Clay
Red Butterfly = Strawberry+ Worm
Orange Butterfly = Orange + Worm
Blue Butterfly = Blueberry + Worm
Green Butterfly = Mixed herbs + Worm
Red Glass = Red Butterfly + Glass
Yellow Glass = Sulphur+ Glass
Blue Glass = Blue Butterfly + Glass
Magic concentrate = Magic + Magic
Jumping potion = Magic concentrate + Air

Healing villagers and Frogs​

In the game, sickness is caused by poisonous frogs. Frogs can be killed by children. The only way to get healing skill up is by healing sick villagers.

How long it takes to make blue glass​

It takes 2 days to craft blue glass. Blue glass = blue butterfly + glass.

How to get chief and master gatherer​

Healer and master gatherer is the most difficult skill to learn. You can train your healer set your villager preferences to healer and don't pick poisonous frog on your village so you will get many sick villagers to increase healers skill. You need 2 healer so if one healer get sick you still got one healer who can perform cure. Every a few days you will get trivia to help someone on a boat,just help her to shore and you will get master healer. Train master healer to gather things until she master it. After your master healer master three other skill you will get chief.

Lava stone Island Event​

The event basically says that [Villager Name] saw a burning rock fall from the heavens and it's changing color. If they cool it they could use it for something." Your options are essentially to throw water on it or leave it alone. Throwing water on it will snag you lava stones. Not much in the way of getting around the cash grab that lava stones clearly are, but at least it's something, I suppose.

Like/Dislikes list​

1 Ants - No effects
2 Crowds - No effects
3 Resting - Like: Will often rest Dislike: Will often be sick
4 Laundry - Like: Will often do the laundry
5 Medicine - If disliked, won't be a doctor
6 Turnips - No effects
7 Butterflies - Won't interact with butterflies if disliked
8 Flowers - Won't gather flower is disliked
9 Bees - Be afraid of bees if disliked
10 The Dark - No effect
11 Caves - Won't enter any cave if disliked
12 Herbs - Won't gather any herbs if disliked
13 Berries - won't gather any berries if disliked
14 Snakes - Won't interact with snakes if disliked
15 Wind - No effect
16 Rocks - Won't interact with rocks (disadvantage builders)
17 Heights - Won't jump into the pool
18 The Ocean - Won't swim in the Ocean
19 Playing - Children won't play if disliked
20 Exploring - No effect
21 Blue- No effect
22 Green- No effect
23 Red- No effect
24 Yellow - No effect
25 Drums- Won't play with drums
26 Bushes - Won't interact with bushes
27 Bananas - Won't interact with the food bin (disadvantage farmers)
28 Coconuts - Will refuse to get fruits from the coconut tree (disadvantage farmers)
29 Sand - No effects
30 Sunlight - No effects
31 Wood - Will refuse to interact with the woodpile if disliked (disadvantage builders)
32 Crab Meat - Won't interact with crabs if disliked
33 Whale Meat - No effects
34 Fish - Won't go fishing if disliked (disadvantage farmers)
35 Fruit - Won't get fruits from any trees, will run away from the food bin (disadvantage farmers)
36 Papaya - /
37 Flies - No effects
38 Swimming: Won't swim if disliked
39 Running: IF LIKE will run fast and learn skills faster IF DISLIKED will be very slow and learn skills slower
40 Learning: IF LIKE will learn faster IF DISLIKED will learn slower
41 Dancing: won't dance if disliked
42 Monkeys: No effects
43 Parrots: No effects
44 Work: Will often refuse to work if disliked
45 Lifting: Will often have the interaction "trying to push the boulder"
46 Surprises: No effects
47 Jokes: Will often tell jokes / Won't tell jokes
48 Sleeping: Will often sleep if liked
49 Jumping: Jump higher than the other villagers
50 Cooking: Will refuse to cook/do potions if disliked
51 Fire: Will refuse to start fire if disliked
52 Eating: Will often eat if liked (usually this villager will eat more food than the other and by so, reduce the number of food faster) If he dislikes eating, he will refuse to eat from the food bin, which can be a problem if your villager needs to eat in order to regain health
53 Dragonflies: No effects
54 Owls: No effects
55 Dreaming: No effects
56 Children: Won't interact with children nor try to have babies if disliked
57 Talking: no effects
58 Holidays: no effects
59 Vegetables: no effects
60 Quiet: If liked, will be completely silent
61 Clouds: no effects
62 Dirt: Won't interact with mud pile if disliked
63 Alchemy: Will refuse to make/drink potions if disliked
64 Potions: will refuse to drink potions if disliked
65 Magic: ?
66 Plants: Won't gather plants if disliked
67 Rain: Will run to hide when there is rain
68 Fog: Will run to hide when there is fog
69 Sitting: Will often be seen doing nothing if liked
70 Sharks: Will run away from sharks
71 Honey: Will run away from the hive (from previous game)
72 Stories : Won't tell stories to children if disliked
73 Coral: Won't interact with coral
74 Thunder : Will run to hide when there is storm
75 Lightning: Will run to hide when there is storm
76 Pearls: Won't interact with the oyster pearl if disliked
77 Stars: Will often have the interaction Stargazing
78 Mango: Won't gather fruits from the mango tree (from previous game)
79 Nature: No effects

Limited Time Event (Holiday Lights)​

Gather 80 sand and 80 fire to craft 80 glass (it'll take 8 hours to craft each glass), and after gathering 80 firefly (you can drop any villager on them to collect the firefly, and they can be found flying around your village), combine the firefly with the glass to craft holiday light (it'll take 45 minutes to craft each one). I don't know how long it'll take, but the limit is 17 days, so spend your lavastones at your own judgement.

On picking villagers​

The game offers you to choose whatever villager you want at the beginning of the game. However, you might be stuck if you don't choose wisely.

If you chose only males or females you won't be able to have children before a long time, or never, and the game will end when all your 5 villagers are dead.

What I usually chose:
3 Adults - 2 females and 1 male
2 Children - 1 male 1 female

Age :
For adults, pick those who are between 15 and 25 years old so that they live long enough. For children, choose very young children between 2 and 5, so that they can be used to collect mushroom for a long time

Skills are not very important at the beginning, your villagers will learn on the job eventually.

Pay careful attention to the likes/dislike of your villagers, for they can turn out to be problems. Some doesn't affect the game (like turnips, bushes, crowds) while some can be real disadvantages (dislike running).

Assigned task:
Once your game begins, chose one farmer, and use the two others villagers to be both searchers and builders. This is the fastest way to improve your village.

If you have more than one farmer before unlocking other food sources, the coconut tree risk to stop providing fruits for a long time and your village will face starvation.

Keep in mind that a woman does not work when she has a baby. If your only farmer is a female and has a baby, she won't provide food for the village. Same goes for doctors, a female doctor won't heal someone if she has a baby. If you're careful, you shall be fine! (sorry for the poor english !)

Prevent death from starvation​

Unlock fishing. Its the most important, unlimited food source you should get it as soon as possible and your villagers would never ever starve. (Just like previous VV games where you could fish, but just in case your new to the series)

Puzzle 1 Solution​

To complete puzzle one you must gather the logs (Near the research lab) then get the coconut husk (near the coconut tree) you then drop a villager onto the fire for it to be lit, once this is complete you must drag a villager to the love shack and they will start to repair, once done go to the puzzles screen and collect the reward of 3 Lavastones.

Puzzle 10-11 solution​

Blue statue
1. Pour water on fire to reveal blue diamond.
2. Jump potion to get Ruby near mausoleum.
3. Build the green statue beside boulder. U'll need a chief to draw plans for this statue
4. Craft blue glass and bring to statue.

Yellow statue
1. Get 3 necklace piece from daily quest or cracks.
2. Pan for gold and bring to anvil.
3. Upgrade construction skills and draw some plans.
4. Craft yellow glass.

Red statue
1. Make soup.
2. Build clothing hut...after tech upgrade crate of braid will appear...then flower will pollinate..bring them to tree.
3. Need 1 child and adult to capture crab..crab will fix slippery rock.
4. Craft red glass.

Puzzle 2 Solution​

So you have to get 3 pieces of wood - 2 blanks beside the flower to be pollinated and beside the crafting hut, and 1 mini log above the farm.

Drag three adult villagers to each wood piece and they will put it beside the pier. Drag any three adult villagers to the pieces for them to fix it.

Once done, the trading boat will come to the raft. Collect your three lavastones!

There's also a dragon beacon which can be used to recall the trading boat.

Steam on the island​

You can get a steam without crafting. Just go on the bottom left of the island where you can see the lava that is connected to the shore. Drag your villager until she/he is interested then wait for him/her to gather that.

Steps on How to Make Pie​

Upgrade Farming twice to get garden
Get kids to dig holes in garden
Plant seeds from seed bag & apple tree seed by crafting hut
Use fertilizer(mixed herbs+water) on garden 3 times
Gather resources from garden & apple tree
Make dough(flour+water)
Upgrade crafting if unable to make dough
Put villager on crafting hut & rhubarb, dough and apple should be options.
Click on them
Prepare oven by putting a villager on rock pile by fire pit and they'll heat up a rock for oven
Put villager on round table that should have the ingredients on it

Tips for surviving​

There are situations where your village is doom to a certain death. Here are some of those scenarios, how to avoid them and eventually solve the problem.

Only males/Only females/ Only one remaining villager
If you have only picked males or females at the beginning of the game, or if all of your female/male villagers have died, your game is basically over because you won't be able to have children and continue. Your remaining villagers will die of aging eventually and your game will end there. Before resetting your game, here's what you can try:

At the marketplace, you can purchase 1 male 1 female and a child to save your village, if you have 200 lavastones.

Wait for a special event to occur. Sometimes a special event will bring new members to your tribe, but there's a chance they have the same gender than the rest of your village.

Only children
If all of your adults died, you're in a tough situation because none of the remaining children will be able to work until they are 14. You can try providing food by foraging a lot of mushrooms, it will be your only way to gain food.

No more food
The coconut tree is NOT a limitless source of food and will run out of fruit eventually. Once your coconut tree stopped providing fruits, you will have to wait a long time for new fruits to grow. What you can do:

Don't have too many farmers. One is enough to begin the game.

Purchase Farming tech as soon as you can, once you've unlocked fishing, you'll have an unlimited source of food and it won't be a problem anymore

Don't forget to forage mushroom to have extra foods

Don't make too many children till you've unlocked the unlimited source of food

Some special events can occur where you will either gain food, or the coconut tree will provide fruits once more. But the opposite can occurs as well: your food bin might end up empty, or the coconut tree can stop growing fruits.

Everybody is sick:
It's not the end, even if you don't have any doctor. Chose one villager and drop it on another villager until he's healed, and repeat the process until everybody is healed.

Lit the fire, it will avoid sickness in the future.

If your villagers have low health, drop them on the food bin: eating will restore their health.

Some potions can also restore health

Improving Medicine tech can help avoid that problem in the future.

Train someone to be a doctor, so that they will automatically heal the sick villagers.

Diseases can be spread. Make sure everyone is healed before quitting the game.

Time travel:
Time travel is tempting, but if badly used, all the tribe can die instantly either of starvation, aging, or sickness. Before you timetravel, make sure you:

Have an unlimited source of food, and farmers.

That the fire is lit, and that you have a doctor so that your villagers don't die of sickness.

If you plan to make a really long time travel, have several villagers with auto breeding on, so that they don't die of aging

Deaths causes:
Knowing the causes of death can help you avoiding them.

If there's no more food, your villagers will die of starvation.

Aging: the health of your villager will slowly decrease with age till the death of the villager. This cannot be avoided but slowed down by improving Medicine tech.

Sickness: if a villager is not healed, his health bar will decrease. The villager will die when his health bar as reached 0.

Accidents: In previous games, if a potion making went wrong, an explosion could occur and seriously damage the health bar of a villager. If the health bar is already low during the explosion, the villager will instantly die.

Wrong potions: some potions will make a villager sick, or decrease his health bar.

Special events: special events can cause a villager's death. This cannot be avoided.
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