Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram

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So just few moments ago, my friend Nostalgic and I met up to play VOOT in Vs. Head to Head mode (thank you Vs. Link Cable!) at our usual gaming spot. He wanted to test out and put to use his newly acquired DC Virtual Twin Stick controller (Lucky Jerk :lol: ). Clocked in about 25 matches within an hour.
It suddenly hit me afterwards just how amazing a game it can be to play but more importantly, how little praise this gem of Dreamcast game gets. Beautiful Graphics, Blistering speeds, a rock solid framerate that falters for absolutely nothing. The music, oh such an addicting soundtrack!
Game has been rather significant for me this year. Finding someone who has an intrest in the game as much (or more than) as I has certainly been beneficial. Entering my first ever Mecha themed/Virtual On tournament. I got destroyed but it was an eye opening experience witnessing its respectice scene and how the game is played at a higher level. The game's scene has grown slightly as a result of its most recent release on XBLA with Sega's own AM2 crafting an amazing conversion on XB 360. For me tho, I still enjoy playing it on my trusty DC :D
It's the ultimate Mecha combat game ever created IMO. What about you? Do you still play it? Is it part of your DC library? What are your thoughts on the subject?
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