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  • Arcade 5.2 Mode
To play the very first version of Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram, finish the game with every character. Then, Arcade Mode 5.2 will be selectable at the main menu. The main differences include a different look to the Public Port level, as well as character weapon changes (i.e. Angelan can shoot 3 ice shields).
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  • Fight vs. AJIM / Play as AJIM
To battle AJIM, you must have a time limit set (not on Death Match). Win the first one or two fights by gaining a health advantage and then letting the time expire. When an upward-pointing arrow appears over your next opponent as the round begins, AJIM will descend, destroying your erstwhile challenger and attacking. This will happen usually by the third battle. AJIM is very tough to beat, so pick your best character and hang in there. To control AJIM, you must challenge and defeat him as described (can't win by time-over). After beating AJIM, finish the game by completing all missions and destroying TANGRAM. Now, you have to set the clock in BOTH your DC and your VMU to February 15-30, 2000. Any month after Feb. is also fine, but AJIM is only available when your clock reads the last half of any month later than January, 2000. To select AJIM in any mode, go to the Random Select icon and hold both Turbos. AJIM will appear and can be chosen.
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  • Secret Bal Bados Weapon Vs Tangram
When playing Bal Bados against Tangram (the last boss), Bal Bados has a secret "Black Hole Bomb" that can be only performed on Tangram's stage. To use it, eject both of Bal Bados' arms (Left Turbo + Left Weapon attack, Left Turbo + Right Weapon attack), then press both Weapon attack buttons + Right Turbo. Bal Bados' arms will form a energy ball that does 25% damage against Tangram.
  • Special Alpha Temjin Version
To get the new "Alpha Version" of Temjin in VOOT, beat the game on any difficulty with Temjin in fog mode without continuing. After you finish the game, the game should auto save. Now, go into Dreamcast 5.45 mode and at the Virtuaroid select screen, highlight the following robots in this order and press the Left Turbo button X number of times depending on the robot. The sequence goes like this:

Temjin (once), Random Select (once), Raiden (twice), Bal Bados (twice),
Angelan (twice), Grys-Vok (three times).

You should hear a confirmation sound after you press the Left Turbo button three times on Grys-Vok. Go to Temjin and he should appear in a White and Yellow palette. He controls pretty much the same as regular Temjin, except he's missing ALL his Turbo attacks, he can't air dash, can't "watari" dash.... so essentially, he's Temjin from Virtual On: Cybetroopers, with a double jump and dashing close combat attacks.

"Hi Lisa!"
  • Special CG Ending
To get the Special CG Ending, finish the game with each character in Dreamcast 5.45 mode without continuing. When you do this with the last character, the Special CG Ending will play.

Note: You don't have to finish the game with Ajim for the Special CG Ending to play. Also, if you're having problems with the last boss, plug a 2nd controller and if you're dying at the last boss, press the Start button on Controller 2 to challenge yourself. This doesn't affect the code to get the Special CG ending.
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