Virtua Striker 2 V2000.1 ( Import ) Cheat Codes (for Sega Dreamcast)

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  • F.C. Sega team
To unlock the F.C. Sega team, go into arcade mode and press start on the following teams: France, Chile, South Africa, England, Germany, and Argentina. The F.C. Sega icon will appear above the second column of teams. Select it, and then beat the arcade mode (you can continue as many times as needed). Now F.C. Sega will be permanently available in the non-arcade modes under a new menu called "SP".
  • MVP Royal Genki
To unlock MVP Royal Genki in the SP menu, highlight Yuki Chan, hold down start, and press A. Use the same method to use MVP in arcade mode.
  • Royal MVP Genki Team
At the Team Selection screen in Arcade Mode, highlight Yugoslavia, USA, Korea, and Italy, pressing Start after each. Then, highlight the new team that appears in the top corner, hold Start and press A + B + X + Y.
  • Two new stadiums
In the stadium select screen, before you choose any stadium, hold START and press A. If you do it right you will play in a new stadium. To get the second stadium just change the stadium in the stadium select screen and do the same trick. When you do the trick for some stadiums you will play in the first stadium and some stadiums will let to you play in the second stadium.
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