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  • All Levels
At the main menu go to options, press A on the characters screen. Then press L and R together. Then enter "old_levels". You will get the levels from the first V8 !

  • Attract enemies
Enter "UNDER_FIRE" as a password to have three enemies attack simultaneously.
  • Big Ant in Arizona Stage
Destroy the observatory in Arizona and wait until you will hear a big boom. Go check the big crater in the middle of the stage and you will see a big asteroid. Destroy the asteroid and a giant ant will come out and shoot anyone in the stage.
  • Big wheels
Enter "GO_MONSTER" as a password.
  • Change view
To change the view of your vehicle hold down B and press Y.
  • Donuts of Doom
In the Arizona level, if you destroy the donut shop without destroying the "Super Donut" on top, then you will knock the donut off were it will roll around the level destroying enemies. You can have 2 of them. After all,there are 2 donut shops.
Re: Vigilante 8: Second Offense

  • Entering Passwords
To enter passwords, go to the OPTIONS screen, highlight GAME STATUS, and hold L + R and press A twice.
  • Fast action
Enter "QUICK_PLAY" as a password to enable a random fast action arcade feature.
  • Faster cars
Enter "MORE_SPEED" as a password.
  • Flood the Louisiana stage
In the Louisiana stage there are to bridges that you can raise by shooting the crank near them. They both have wrenchs above them. If you raise them the water level of the swamp will rise flooding most of the stage. This makes it much easier to collect the items you need to complete you quest.
  • Free repairing in California
To get repaired back up to full health, do this: Go to the place where there is the ramp that goes up and down, and has a sign over it with two lights. Stay under it. When the lights turn green, you willl start to be repaired. If this doesn't repair you fully, repeat the process.
  • Heavier cars
Enter "GO_RAMMING" as a password to increase your car's weight and ramming ability.
Re: Vigilante 8: Second Offense

  • High suspensions
Enter "JACK_IT_UP" as a password.
  • Launch your car in Florida
In the Florida launch site go behind the launch pad to the opening in the middle with lights on it. If the lights are red you will get warped to the usual opening but if you wait until the lights above the opening are green and enter you will be launched up the tower by a thruster attached to your car were you can get a lot of goodies and a parachute will open from your trunk before you hit the ground.
  • Maximum Salvage Cheat
Enter LLA_DORTOH to maximize the salvage meters for all unlocked vehicles.
  • No enemies in arcade mode
Enter "HOME_ALONE" as a password.
  • No gravity
Enter "NO_GRAVITY" as a password to reduce gravity to the point that your car will almost float when a bump is hit.
  • No wheel attachment icons
Enter "DRIVE_ONLY" as a password to disable wheel attachment icons from spawning.
  • Rapid fire
Enter "RAPID_FIRE" as a password to remove the delay when shooting weapons.
  • Refill Energy in Arizona
In Arizona, to refill your energy without having to slowly pick up wrenches all over the stage, go to one of the Ed's Rocketfuel Stations, and drive in between the pump & the building, your energy will automatically be refilled.
  • Refill Energy in Minnesota
Enter the plant and head up the railed ramp. There are three computers in the center of the room. When a green light appears on top of one, ram your car into it. you should hear a chime, and green lights should appear next to the two generators below. Slowly drive beside them, and the screen should flash and you should get a bit of your car's health restored.
  • Same cars in multi-player
Enter "MIXES_CARS" as a password to allow more than one person to select the same car in multi-player mode.
  • Slow-motion mode
Enter "GO_SLOW_MO" as a password.
  • Special attacks
Interceptor Missiles
Attack 1: Up, Up, Down, Machine Gun
Attack 2: Up, Up, Up, Machine Gun
Attack 3: Up, Up, Right, Machine Gun

Bull's Eye Rockets
Attack 1: Up, Down, Down, Machine Gun
Attack 2: Up, Down, Up, Machine Gun
Attack 3: Up, Down, Right, Machine Gun

Sky Hammer Mortar
Attack 1: Down, Down, Down, Machine Gun
Attack 2: Down, Down, Up, Machine Gun
Attack 3: Down, Down, Right, Machine Gun

Brusier Cannon
Attack 1: Down, Up, Down, Machine Gun
Attack 2: Down, Up, Up, Machine Gun
Attack 3: Down, Up, Right, Machine Gun

Roadkill Mines
Attack 1: Left, Right, Down, Machine Gun
Attack 2: Left, Right, Up, Machine Gun
Attack 3: Left, Right, Right, Machine Gun

Brimstone Burner
Attack 1: Right, Left, Down, Machine Gun
Attack 2: Right, Left, Up, Machine Gun
Attack 3: Right, Left, Right, Machine Gun
  • Super missiles
Enter "BLAST_FIRE" as a password to increase the damage from missiles.
  • Turn off codes
Enter "NO CODE" at the password screen.
  • Unlock All Vehicles
Enter LLA_KCOLNU to access all the vehicles.
  • View all ending sequences
Enter "LONG_MOVIE" as a password to view all endings in one continuous sequence.
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