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  • All Cars Have Maximum Stats
Enter the code Hotrod All backwards LLA DORTOH to get a new chasis for all the vehicles. | [Sent by RichardPing]
  • Arizona Giant Alien Ant
In the Arizona stage, blow up the observatory. Then wait near the crater and the screen will start shaking. Go inside the crater and you'll see a giant meteor. Blow up the meteor and an alien that looks like and ant comes out. It shoots laser beams and can kill you if you dont flee. Once you kill it another meteor will appear and the process will keep repeating. | [Sent by STEELIX]
  • Attract enemies
Enter "UNDER_FIRE" as a password to have three enemies attack simultaneously.
  • Big wheels
Enter "GO_MONSTER" as a password.

  • Drop Special Wheels
When you get snow wheels, water wheels etc.. you might realize that you do not want it anymore. An easy way to return back to your normal wheels is to press the L and R buttons. When they're pressed your snow wheels will come off and you will have your normal wheels back. | [Sent by STEELIX]
  • Fast action
Enter "QUICK_PLAY" as a password to enable a random fast action arcade feature.
  • Faster cars
Enter "MORE_SPEED" as a password.
  • Flood Louisiana
To flood the Louisiana level go up to the 2 bridges in the level. There should be a wheel on each bridge. shoot them both until both bridges stops going up. when the 2nd bridge stops moving you'll here a bell ring three times and you'll here the water rushing, hurry and get water wheels. It only floods for about a minute then the water goes down. This is usefull for drouning enemys. | [Sent by STEELIX]
  • Fly
When you get Hover Wheels, hold UP and rapidly press X. This allows you to fly higher than the other cars. you can also fly over water. This keeps you safe from sharks and aligaters that would attack you if you had the propeller wheels. | [Sent by STEELIX]
  • Heavier cars
Enter "GO_RAMMING" as a password to increase your car's weight and ramming ability.
  • High suspensions
Enter "JACK_IT_UP" as a password.
  • Invincibility
At the password screen type Invincible backwards ELBICNIVNI. | [Sent by RichardPing]

  • Lock-On Mines
When you have 2 mines, press left right down machine gun to place a mine that locks on to the nearest person. | [Sent by STEELIX]
  • No enemies in arcade mode
Enter "HOME_ALONE" as a password.
  • No gravity
Enter "NO_GRAVITY" as a password to reduce gravity to the point that your car will almost float when a bump is hit.
  • No wheel attachment icons
Enter "DRIVE_ONLY" as a password to disable wheel attachment icons from spawning.
  • Original levels
Pause the game, remove the game disc, then insert the original Vigilante 8 disc. If done correctly, the message "V8 levels enabled" will be displayed. Insert the Vigilante 8: Second Offense disc again. Then, quit the current game to access the original Vigilante 8 levels as well as the new levels.
  • Password screen
Highlight "Game Status" at the Options menu. Then press L1 + R1.
  • Play Your Own Music
While playing pause the game and insert your cd. Then press continue. You can now play the game with your own music. You must insert the game disk back in once the level is beaten. | [Sent by STEELIX]
  • Rapid fire
Enter "RAPID_FIRE" as a password to remove the delay when shooting weapons.
  • Same cars in multi-player
Enter "MIXES_CARS" as a password to allow more than one person to select the same car in multi-player mode.
  • Slow-motion mode
Enter "GO_SLOW_MO" as a password.
  • Speed Burst
Hold the hand brake and press the gas until you rev up the engine. When you think you've held the gas long enough release the brake. You should do a wheelie. It gives you a small speed burst. | [Sent by STEELIX]
  • Super missiles
Enter "BLAST_FIRE" as a password to increase the damage from missiles.
  • Tow Truck Attack While Flying
If you have the tow truck get one of its specials. Then use the Flying cheat(When you have Hover Wheels hold UP and rapidly press X)to get into the air. Once your in the air use the tow truck's special. Its should start to tow the closest enemy. You can then drag the enemy into the water. | [Sent by STEELIX]
  • Unlock all characters
Enter the code Unlock All backwards LLA KCOLNU to get all the vehicles. | [Sent by RichardPing]
  • View all ending sequences
Enter "LONG_MOVIE" as a password to view all endings in one continuous sequence.
  • Vigilante 8 Levels
Enter OLD LEVELS on the password screen to get the origional Vigilante 8 levels. | [Sent by RichardPing]
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