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Here's a list of games that don't support the vga box, but that can (or can't) be tricked in running on a monitor by means of a bootdisk (tested with the DC-X). Mind that this isn't a complete list of vga incompatible games as no one seems to have one (they all claim they have one, but so far all the lists I found on the web where wrong at a certain point), just the ones that I know can (or can't) be tricked from first hand experience.
I'll update this as I find & test more games. Obviously this is a list of legit games, as most copies are patched

  • Aqua GT PAL - Yes
  • Army Men Sarges Heroes PAL - Yes
  • Bust-A-Move 4 - PAL - Yes
  • Conflict Zone PAL - Yes
  • Deadly Skies PAL - No
  • ECW Hardcore Revolution PAL - No
  • Evolution World Of The Sacred Device PAL - Yes (VGA logo on the case, but won't run on a monitor without a bootdisk)
  • Gunbird 2 PAL - No (it runs fine all the way up to the Capcom screen & then dies,I hate that)
  • Hidden & Dangerous PAL - Yes
  • Hydro Thunder PAL - Yes
  • NFL Blitz 2000 PAL - Yes
  • Pen Pen PAL - Yes (it runs, but I still can't play it since my monitor's frequency is out of range)
  • Psychic Force 2012 PAL - No
  • Railroad Tycoon 2 PAL - No (no message, screen just goes black, though it has the vga logo on the case)
  • Resident Evil Code Veronica PAL - No
  • Skies Of Arcadia PAL - No (sound only)
  • Snow Surfers PAL - No
  • Soul Fighter PAL - No (no loss there imo :wink:)
  • Tom Clancyâ?Ts Rainbow Six PAL - Yes
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