Vendors - Pal Fluids and Schematics

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Darth Dorky

1) No vendor seems to carry the base Pal Fluids; one of the most commonly used reagents in the game.
1a) Pal spawns often take a long time to process as the game is in Alpha. These 2 problems combined may prove a deterrent for a player's continuation of Pal World.

2) Schematics are entirely RNG based and currency becomes essentially worthless at a certain point.

1) Allow some of the vendors to carry Pal Fluids so that players can use the currency they have to create farms. It's okay if they're expensive.

2) Allow schematics to be combined and/or upgraded at a unique vendor with scaling prices depending on the rarity and level-tier of the schematic.
Explained: The schematics don't need to be upgraded all the way to legendary status, but trying to find decent versions of certain items proves to be rather tedious. Even after around 400 hours of play, many schematics simply refuse to drop. While RNG is "De wae" of modern gaming, there should be other routes to achieve at least a slightly less effective version of what we attempt to farm in exchange for currency.
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