Game Genie Codes, GameShark & Pro Action Replay Codes for games on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System or SNES. (some codes are official and others are unofficial).

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Super NES Game Genie codes - Vegas Stakes

DF81-A4D7 Player 1 starts with $488
DF8B-AF07 Player 2 starts with $488
DF8A-AD67 Player 3 starts with $488
DF83-A7A7 Player 4 starts with $488
D681-A4D7 Player 1 starts with $2280
D68B-AF07 Player 2 starts with $2280
D68A-AD67 Player 3 starts with $2280
D683-A7A7 Player 4 starts with $2280
4181-A4D7 Player 1 starts with $9960
418B-AF07 Player 2 starts with $9960
418A-AD67 Player 3 starts with $9960
4183-A7A7 Player 4 starts with $9960
D481-A707 Player 1 starts with $132,072 (highroller status)
D48B-A467 Player 2 starts with $132,072
D48A-AFA7 Player 3 starts with $132,072
D48E-AFD7 Player 4 starts with $132,072
DD87-04EC Player wins pushes in blackjack
DF87-04EC Dealer wins pushes in blackjack
The last three codes may cause graphic distortion
DDA0-A4AD You only need $34,464 to get highroller status
DDA8-640D You only need $38,527 to win the game instead of $10 million
0AA8-640D You only need $5,019,263 to win the game
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