Valkyrie Profile to Silmeria NTSC U codebreaker codes problems


So, I recently decided to pick up again this tame and I am having problems with the cheats.

1) The game crashes when using the Enabler code:

F0129B51 800813BF 000FFFFE 0000002D 000FFFFF 0000002D 9013A550 0C04E8FC E0033B40 0035EC8C 104234AA 00001000 10423662 00001000 1042382A 00001000 E0027EC0 0049550C 2049BCB0 03E00008 2049BCB4 00000000 E007E140 0036D90C 203683D4 00000000 103AD16A 00001000 103AD61E 00001000 10430B76 00001000 10430BE2 00001000 10431A66 00001000 10431C1E 00001000 D0397CAC 0000102A 20397CB0 00000000

2) All codes are for NTSC-U

3) All codes are unencrypted

4) The issue is that once they are enabled you fight exactly once, then if you try to fight any further battles the game downright throws a fit and freezes, this happens even if the code is disabled.

5) All codes were obtained from | Valkyrie Profile 2 - Silmeria (NTSC-U)

6) If I use the Mad Catz Master Code:

90121500 0C04CB22
the game boots, and the codes work, however, they get disabled post boot, no idea why.
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