Using CWCheat to remove the HUD from Outrun 2006


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What I'm wondering is is has anyone looked into modding the PSP version of Outrun 2006 to remove the HUD using CWCheat? Having it look like this on the PSP would be perfection as the display takes up so much of the screen:

(cant post links of game without HUD due to just signing up)

With just pure gameplay and nothing else would be perfect for me.

I had a look at the PSP ISO and its not a simple edit where one could swap in blank PNGs as there is only one file (titled ALL.PSP (582MB) in the \USRDIR folder) specific to the title beyond the standard PSP file structure. So everything for the game must be in that and it won't be as easy as dropping in a new image so the alternative is using Cwcheat to disable the HUD. I noticed this has been done on Gran Turismo before on this forum.

Would anyone have some input on how to go about making that happen in order to improve the experience of the PSP version of Outrun 2006 please.

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