Using a save data when using a UMD to CFW.


Hey all, I would use Google to find my answer but I did not know how to word it properly.

I bought Final Fantasy Dissidia 012 a few days ago and played on that for eight hours. Soon I did not like having to upload a CFW every time I wanted to play other games I downloaded I went on a search for the FFDD iso. With a joyous heart I found the iso and quickly uploaded the iso onto my PSP. But I could not use the save file I made when playing the game with using the UMD.

When I go to my save files through the menu screen my save file is still intact, but when I run the iso of FFDD my save file does not show up. Is there any way to play my save file when I run the virtual copy? Or am I doomed to replay eight hours of the game?


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