USB Powered Lvi Modems Sale 10% Off!

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All this trouble with people's batteries dying and cables breaking happened to me too and this adapter taking up another plug blah blah Thanks to some ideas I got from pcwzrd and kazade for this USB power lvi I wanted to make a more sturdy solution, instead of making another adapter why not build the lvi into the usb modem case itself

Introducing the DreamPi Usb Powered LVI Modem
no more messy wires adapters and dead batteries, powered by usb built into the modem itself use any phone cable you want. (doesn't work on PAL modems as far as I know NTSC Only)


Already have a modem? you can send me Your usb modem in the mail just $10.99 for the lvi mod and I'll send it back to you.
Or if you need to Buy A New Modem I'll charge you $10.99 plus the cost of ordering a new modem. and I'll send it to you USB Lvi Installed.
PayPal Only, US Shipping only (outside US would be too much shipping contact me if you want)

Since I don't really have a store to put up on a site and ebay would cost more and having modems in stock would cost more. Just contact me here if you want to get your DC Online!.

I don't really recommend people try this themselves because if you're not experienced in soldering this small space and a cheap solder pen that overheats you could break the usb modem, not that they are expensive lol. So Id rather just do it for you.
But maybe next ones I make I will document how to for those that want to try themselves.

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