Updating CFW on gutted psp


Hello everyone,

Ages ago I had the coolest of all PSPs it was the one with Darth Vader on it. Unfortunately it fell off of a refrigerator and I thought it died. Turns out it still works, just won't output anything to the screen. back light and everything else (except the usb port) still worked.

I replaced the psp and gutted the old one for spare parts, I removed the screen, speakers and UMD drive.

My Fiancé has recently become interested in playing monster hunter 3rd with me (Awesome, right?) so I'm trying to get the old psp updated to 6.37. Then she can play with my component cable.

I've installed CFW on all my friends PSPs and it's pretty easy to do blind if you know the menus. I can pandora/MMS the gutted psp and install 3.80 m33-5. I then do a normal CFW update to 4.01 (which I believe is the minimum required for 6.37)

My problem is that I can't seem to move beyond that. I can boot the installers for 5.00, 6.35, and 6.37. I know I can get to the license agreement cause I can hear the menu. I can accept and I get MS light blinking like it's installing, after which I can hit x to restart the psp, but after that it just gives me a green power light and nothing else.

I've just tried using PSPgrader to make a MMS to install 5.00, I can boot it with my good psp but the gutted one won't. I'm curious if updates beyond 4.01 do some kind of hardware check preventing them from working correctly.

I dunno, I've been at this for a few days now and it's always the same brick wall.

anything you guys can suggest would be appreciated.


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