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Help me make a list of the officially unreleased dreamcast commercial games. I'm going to separate it into two lists. List one is going to be those unreleased games which saw an unofficial release (IE: were leaked), list two is going to be unreleased games which had definite production work done on them for dreamcast, and which might have demos, betas, or other builds available out in the wild waiting to be discovered. I'll add to the list as people post.

1) Unreleased games which have been leaked or distributed in some form
-Half Life
-Propeller Arena
-System Shock 2 (short technical demo only)
-Flintstones Viva Rock Vegas
-PBA Bowling
-Geist Force
-Toejam and Earl 3

2) Unreleased games which have evidence of having been in production, but which have not been leaked or distributed
-Boarder Zone
-Soul Reaver 2
-TD Cycles (tech demo exists)
-Ecco 2 (corrupted non-working files have been leaked from a dev kit)
-Castlevania Resurrection
-Armada 2 (former developer has since stated the source code and assets were lost/destroyed)
-Dee Dee Planet
-World's Scariest Police Chases
-Innocent tears
-Take the Bullet
-Heroes of Might and Magic
-Planet of the Apes
-Legend of the Blade Masters
-Black and White
-Heroes of Might and Magic
-Dark Angel (a tech demo running at 2fps might be all that exists, according to former developer)
-Spiral Nightmare Type X
-Worms Pinball
-Colin Mcrae Rally 2
-Metal Max: Wild Eyes
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