unbrick my psp 2000 with pandora ?


i got a psp 2000, that is bricked. When i turn it on, nothing happend, but the green light is on, and cant the console of except by taking the battery out.

bought a pandora set (pandora battery + memory stick 2gb)

how am i going to unbrick my console ? still very noobish about this.

formated the memorystick in psp > connect to pc > downloaded psp grader(0.8 i think, used 5.00 firmware) > create magic memory stick + format, everything is ok, but failed on injecting IPL. Tested on another computer, still the same.

did try another grader( dont remember vers, but with firm 4.00 ?), and everything went ok except format, was given a error and couldnt format it with grader. But it didnt work. After creating the mms i just need to put it in psp and put the pandora battery in, and i should be in revovery mode, right ?

The pandora set should work, many good reviews about the product.

so what to do ? or am i doing something wrong ?

btw i was using a psp 3000 to creat my mms if thats matter.

thx in advance
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