UMD Dumper.


K call me lazy.. Buuut I cant find any specific thread on dumping UMD's. I might just be blind care to redirect me?

I just recently started downloading PSX eboots, and use them with pops loader, works fine. And sense my PSP is sort of used a lot, I started having the *home menu* glitch with UMD's in the drive. So I would like to rip my games the easiest way possible (if possible) in order to just have them on my memory stix. If not I'm pretty savvy with this PSP CFW thing so I could figure it out. Just need a nudge in the right direction, with maybe a knife or something. :p thanks for any help ^_^

Oh and Ripping/dumping. The umd's are still usable after the process is complete, correct?

PSP-slim-3001-6.20 pro B8 perm - o4g - 4, 8gb mem's
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