Ubisoft sees bright future for Wii U

Chat about Nintendo's newest console called the Wii U, unveiled at E3 2011.

final kaoss

Staff member
With so much negative rumors and predictions being posted by other platform fanboys and otherwise Nintendo haters, I thought it was time for the factual good news to be posted for the Wii U as well.

It seems as if Ubisoft is in it with Nintendo for the long haul. They've already developed one of the Wii U's more successful games in Zombie U and are rumored to be working on a sequel. Ubisoft also has a plethora of future titles planned for the Wii U. They are not only confident in Nintendo but also in their own ability to bring gamers to the Wii U market. Given Ubisoft's success, I see no reason to doubt their insight.


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