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  • Coin bonuses
Collect the indicated number of coins in Original mode to unlock the corresponding bonus.

5 lives in options menu: Five coins
9 Continues in options menu: Fifteen coins
Unlimited continues: Twenty five coins
Start at final chapter: Twenty coins
Start with two molotov cocktails: Ten coins
Unlock everything: Thirty coins
  • CPU opponents
Defeat the indicated opponent three times to unlock the next CPU character.

Amy Cristal: Defeat A Citizen.
David (Zombie): Defeat Amy Cristal.
Harry Harris: Defeat David.
Thomas Rorgan: Defeat Harry Harris.
  • Dancing zombies
Type the names as they appear during the credits. When a section is completed, the zombies will begin to dance.
  • Hidden Options
The password for the hidden option VS. Computer in the game is: DOAKSIM
  • Other Passwords
Type the following codes in the "Password Entry" section:


They activate:

1) Free Play (Infinte Continue)
2) Allow access to all boss in Boss Mode
3) Allow access to all levels in Drill Mode
4) Allow access to all CPU characters (Citizens, Harry, etc...) in VS CPU mode
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