Twinstick compatable games

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With my new Twinstick in my house i decided to make a list that works with the twinstick. it will be split in 2 catagories
100% Compatible
50% Compatible (game that do not use the second stick but still play good)
Please note games that will not be added Are: Driving Games, Fighting Games, Sport Games, (Maybe Platformers)

BUTTON LAYOUT- let me know if you know of any games that could possibly work

Right Trigger = A
Right Button = B
Left Trigger = X
Left Button = Y

Left Stick = Analog or Dpad
Right Stick= i believe mouse movement

100% Compatible (Able to use both twinsticks)
Virtual On (Duh)

Games You need to setup custom controlls
Quake 3 (unreal tournament isn't)
Half Life (Difficult but playable)

50% Compatible (single twinstick)
Bangai-O works on XA mode
Mars Matrix
(Most Lickely All Shmups)

GAMES THAT STRAIT UP REJECT IT (wont start with it plugged in)
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