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All Codes​

To unlock all cheats enter BEWAREOBLIVIONISATHAND at the code entry screen.

Big Hands and Feet Mode​

To give the creatures in T2 big hands and feet, simply enter the following at the cheat entry screen and activate it in the Cheat Menu: STOMPEM.


Print in UBERNOODLE on the cheat screen than press start.

Blackout Mode​

To play in Blackout Mode simply enter the following at the cheat entry screen and activate it in the Cheat Menu: LIGHTSOUT

Charge Dart Shot Levels​

In Turok 2, the Charge Dart Rifle has different strengths to its shots depeding on how long you hold the Z button. Also, the longer you hold the button, the straighter and farther the shots will go. Here is how long you have to hold the Z button to attain the different levels.

Red - Shocks the enemy for approx. 5 seconds. Tap the Z button.
Orange - Shocks the enemy for approx. 10 seconds. Hold the Z button for about half a second.
Yellow - Shocks the enemy for approx. 15 seconds. Hold the Z button for about a second before releasing.
Green - Shocks the ememy for approx. 20 seconds. Hold the Z button for 2 seconds.
Blue - Shocks the enemy for approx 25 seconds. Hold the Z button for about 3 seconds to attain this shot. *NOTE* This takes 2 away from your ammo instead of the usual 1.
Purple - Extremely straight shot that shocks the enemy for 30 seconds. Hold Z for more than 5 seconds to get the gun to shoot this. *NOTE* This takes 3 away from you ammo instead of the usual 1.

Co-Op cheat​

Ok all you Co-Op fans out there! Get ready for the Co-Op cheat for Turok 2!! First enter the all codes cheat, then defeat the primagen on normal difficulty. then go to multi-player, choose blood lust and put the game speed at 10 then start the deathmatch, then select your characters and go to the warp cheat and select the level you want to play, press A a couple of times, then you should be able to play the games levels with 2 people. (Note: DO NOT TRY TO USE THIS CHEAT WITH MORE THAN 2 PEOPLE AT ONE TIME, IT CAN CAN CAUSE DAMAGE TO TH GAME. IT'S ALSO RECOMMENDED THAT YOU TURN THE MUSIC OFF WHEN DOING THIS TO KEEP THE GAME FROM FREEZING. IT STILL MAY FREEZE FROM TIME TO TIME BUT IT'S EXTREAMLY FUN!!!) Go get 'em tiger!!

Earn Cheats​

In case you were wondering, here's how to earn the cheat codes.

Fruity Colors Mode:Complete level 1
Pen and Ink Mode:Complete level 2
Gouraud Mode:Complete level 3
Big Hands and Feet:Complete level 4
All Map:Complete level 5
All Guns:Complete level 6
Big Head Mode:Defeat level 4 boss
Tiny Mode:Defeat level 5 boss
Infinite Ammo:Defeat level 6 boss
All Special Items:Defeat Primagen
Invincibility:Defeat Primagen
Infinite Lives:Defeat Primagen (on hard)

Easy Invincibility​

When you come out of a warp portal, and there is an enemy near by, get his attention to draw it closer. Keep in mind you have to still be standing in the middle of the portal. Let the dinosaur attack you until you health reaches zero. Be sure that you don't get knocked out of the portal or you will die. If done correctly you should be able to walk out of the portal invincible. Be careful because the trick will stop working when you pick up a health bonus.

Fly with styracosaurus weapons​

On level 2, River of Souls, use your nuke (you must have the all weapons cheat) on the Styracosaurus (its the dinosaur you can ride) at the beginning of the level. Wait until the explosion is just about to happen then approach the Styracosaurus and get on. Don't press anything and don't move. The nuke explodes and the Styracosaurus starts to fry, make sure you don't move until it blows up. Now you have the dinosaur's weapons but you aren't riding anything and it seems like you are flying! Keep trying if it doesn't work, you have to time it perfectly.

Fruit Stripes​

To make your character wear fruity strips put this code in the enter cheat menu: FROOTSTRIPE

Get Secret Ammo For The Pistol​

When you first start you must get the power cell. By taking out your bow and shoot a barrel nexted to the wall. then go up the ladder and go to the right jump to get in the passageway. Then get the power cell and go back to the blown up wall walk into thr switch. Then go to the ladder and go in the passageway take a left and go up the ladder go straight. until you full down then take a left then take a right until you reach a ladder go up it then into the portal. Go straight then take a left kill the monster keep going straight then kill the two monsters ahead. But don't was't your arrows then after you kill the monsters there is a barrel nexted to the wall. Shoot it with an arrow go in the tunnel then go to the door then go threw the door and take a left. Then you will see a closed door go to it the fire on the wall nexted to it you have to go and press forward. At the same time press jump you will collect pistol ammo in both of the torches.

Gouraud Mode​

Enter the following code at the code entry screen and all textures will be replaced by simple colored gouraud-shading:

Harmless Zombies​

Are the dead men in level 2 killing you too many times? If you turn the blood color to "off," then the won't throw their bloody limbs at you, making it MUCH easier to kill the dead sisters.

Juan's Cheat​

To place Juan's face on the health icons enter HEEERESJUAN in the cheat menu. Juan is a lucky boy who won Iguana's Turok contest. Congratulations Juan!

Lock Spring "Fix"​

In Turok 2, your crosshairs move to the default position if you move forward or backward, even with the lock spring option turned off, unless you are holding the analog in a direction the whole time. Some gamers may find this annoying, but there is a way to fix it.

Remember the warning in the front of every instruction booklet? "Do not hold the analog while turning the system on!" Well, if you hold "down" just a little bit on the analog while turning the system on, it will be tricked into thinking that that is the default analog position. So when you play the game and stand still, you will look up very very slowly, but the lock spring will be "fixed," and will never spring back to default again.

Multi-Player Invincibility​

I have recently discovered a way to get Invincibility on multi player the way to get it is. first you must pick a level with portals and scorpian launchers and a friend that is kind enough to do this for you ok now first tell your friend to get a scorpian launcher and meet you at the portal than go to the portal you stand directely in front of the portal then have him take your energy out to about ten of fifteen then while standing directely in front of the portal have him shoot you into the portal with a scorpian launcher and your friend will get a kill every time you go through the portal and come out if he shoots you. you will have 0 energy for ever unless you get any health so dont get health. I recommend doing this on Tellaportastic level!

Pen-and-Ink Mode​

To get the good old pen-and-ink mode from Turok 1, enter the following at the cheat entry screen:

Shoot the Birds​

Before you say "duh, I knew that!" -- did you know that there is a purpose to killing the seagulls in Level 1? If the one gate that's not opening on top of the ladder near the city bugs you, shoot down all the birds and it will open.

Sometimes They Come Back​

Wait around for a few seconds when you pick up ammo or health. After a few seconds some come back. If it is ammo it will change until all of your weapons are full. Health will alternate between 10 and 2 until your health is 100. This works really well when you are trying to get pieces of the Nuke.

Stick Men Mode​

To get every enemy to be tall and skinny, enter HOLASTICKBOY at the Cheat Menu.

Tiny Enemy Code​

Want to have every creature be the size of a Compy? No problem, simply enter:
PIPSQUEAK at the code entry screen.

Unlimited Tek Arrows​

Everybody who has played Turok 2 shoud know that you can get reguler arrows back after you shoot the into an enemy or a wall. Well, if you shoot a tek arrow into an enemy and run up and grab it out of the enemy it will say you got a tek arrow, but the explosion will still happen and hurt or kill the enemy!

View Credits​

To view the credits, enter ONLYTHEBEST at the code select screen.

Zach Attack​

To place baby Zach's face on the health icons enter AAHGOO in the cheat menu.
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