Trying to get DDFFP012 to work with saved DDFF012 data on Gen-d3


I'm trying to get a 100 % game completion for PDDFF012 and my already saved DDFF012 data to run on my psp phat. I've been able to use the D3 Error Fix for Gen-d3 to succfessfully get PDDFF012 to load, but at the cost of getting my already saved 012FF game data. Following the instructions in the 'Free cheat readme file', i'm not able to use that since i can't get the game to load, and 'Magic save' doesn't seem to work either (although i wasn't really sure how to really use MS, due to the somewhat confusing text at the source i got it from. ) I'm thinking about upgrading but i'd need feedback on what games work and if any of my saved data would become corrupt like Gen-d3 does.
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