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  • Andy's House
When you go to the garage, find a way to get up to the van. When you get to the top, you will see a green laser.

Andy's Neighborhood
Find your way to the location with a broken car. The green laser should be right in front of you.

Alleys and Gullies: Turn to the right when you see the first airplane box.
  • Battery locations
Start game play on the Bombs Away level and move all the way to the left to find a battery. Then, move all the way to the right to find another batter.

There are four batteries, one in each corner, when finding the batteries for the Zone 1 Boss.
  • Bonus movie
Collect all 50 Pizza Tokens.
  • Defeating Emperor Zurg
Lasers will not affect him. Mega spin him to win.

You cannot defeat Zurg by using lasers. Use mega spin to defeat him. Look at the bar at the right lower column to determine if you are in mega spin. The bar only appears when you press [Spin]. Go against Zurg and jump towards him. Repeat this until he is defeated.
  • Defeating Kite Zurg
Use the following trick to defeat the Kite Zurg on level 2 (Andy's Neighborhood). First, get the laser from the basket where the car is found. Then, make your way up the tree and avoid any slime balls. When you get to the top of the tree, there will be a platform and the Kite Zurg. Go onto the platform to fight him. When you get a moment when he is not diving at you, go to inside the helmet view and use the laser about five times. His health will begin to go down. When he dives at you, he will hit you. Do not worry about this if you had a full battery when you came up the tree. If not, the is a battery on one of the branches that you climbed up. Keep doing this until the Pizza Planet Token appears. Note: When you climb up the tree, make sure that you jump on the rope about half-way up so that if you fall, you will have an easier way to get back up. If you fall off the tree at any point, it will not hurt you.
  • Defeating R.C. Car without the Rocket Boots
When the race begins after you talk to R.C., immediately get in front of him. If you stay in front of him while you race, he will bump into you but not go ahead of you. Do that the entire race to defeat him without the Rocket Boots. Also, if you make a mistake and he gets in front of you, do not stop the race - in some parts R.C. also makes mistakes, giving you another chance to get ahead of him again.

In Andy's Neighborhood, you can defeat RC Racer without the Rocket Boots. Stay directly in front of him, causing him to bump into you, which will keep him behind you. Be careful in the sand traps. Do not jump too high, or he will sneak under you, and if you do not jump at all, he will run over you.. Stay in the middle of the road so that you can cut him off each time he tries to pass you.
  • Defeating the Final Bosses
You have to fight the Gunslinger, the Blacksmith and the Old Prospector in the final level. Defeat them in that order. To defeat the Gunslinger, use lasers. Use the spin for the Blacksmith and the Prospector.
  • Defeating the Jackhammer Boss
Get the disk shooter from Mr. Potato Head. Shoot the Boss, but do not allow him get too close to you, or he will shoot out hot bolts Note: You must find Mr. Potato Head's eye to unlock and receive the disk shooter. You only receive ten disks that may be used over and over if you return.

The green laser does not work on the Jackhammer Boss (Construction Site). You do have to use the disk launcher. You can get it by finding Mr. Potato Head's ear, which is located on the steel girders in the middle of the site.
  • Defeating the Wind Up Robot
Shoot him with a charged laser while he is winding up.

In the first level (Andy's house), get the green laser on top of the van. Then, go and fight the tin robot Boss. The green laser will affect them greatly and destroy it in three or less shots.
  • Easy lives
Go to Al's Penthouse and get the Cosmic Shield at the beginning of the level. Then, go to the fire place and get the extra life. Exit the level repeat this as many times as needed.

Begin game play in the first level and collect the extra life in the crib. Exit the level, re-enter, and collect the life again. This can be done any time during the game, as many times as needed.

Go to the market place in Alley and Gullies and pass the balloon maker. Then, jump into the water where you find a duck. You should go underwater and see a small tunnel. Follow its twist and turns to find a hidden life. Repeatedly collect this to get may extra lives.
  • Find the green army men
Begin game play on the Andy's Neighborhood level. After starting, you should see a tractor that will chase you. Do not leave the yard. Turn around and you will see a green army man. Go up the steps and approach him. He will offer a Pizza Planet token to you if you can find all five of his army men. The other army men can be found easier if you see flames.
  • Finding movable objects
Every time you see a green "hand print" floating around, move around and try to push the object. This will help you in many difficult situations.
  • Finding Mr. Potato Head's eye
To retrieve Mr. Potato Head's eye (and receive the disc launcher), keep climbing up the construction site. You will eventually find the eye.
  • Getting on the car
Get on the rafters and you will see a coffee cup. Jump on that, then jump on the lights. You can then jump on the car and get the green laser.
  • Getting on the trees
Begin game play on the Andy's Neighborhood level. Climb on the swing, then reach the other swing. Move to the tire with a rope. Climb up the rope, then jump on top of the tree. Note: There is a kite Boss at the very top of the tree. When you first get on the tree, HAM will appear. Find 50 coins bring them to HAM to receive a Pizza Planet token.

Climb up the tree in the Andy's Neighborhood level. Try to reach the first swing, and before you continue to journey up, jump on the nearby rope. Later, when you fall off the tree accidentally, you will be able to climb up from the rope, which now becomes a shortcut.
  • Green laser locations
Green lasers will allow enemies to be killed with a single shot. They can be found at the following locations:

Level 1 (Andy's House): When you go to the garage, find a way to get up to the van. When you get to the top, you will see a green laser.
Level 2 (Andy's Neighborhood): In the yard with the torn up junk car, the green laser is beside the laundry post.
Level 3 (Bombs Away): Not available.
Level 4 (Construction Yard): In the open chest, near the yellow generator trailer.
Level 5 (Allies and Gullies): Between the first two trash cans to the right of the level entrance point.
Level 6 (Slime time): In the middle of the alleyway. To obtain this laser the Boss must transcend back into his trash can four times for it to appear.
Level 7 (Al's Toy Barn): On the farthest wall form the entrance point, slightly to the left in front of the "Monster Hockey" box.
Level 8 (Al's Spaceland): Directly in front of the first aisle, which is slightly to the left of the level entrance point.
Level 9 (Toy Barn Encounter): Not available.
Level 10 (Elevator Hop): Directly in front of the entrance point is a vent. Using the grapple hook power-up that you received from Mr. Potato Head. Slowly find the way to the top avoiding the various hazards. The laser upgrade is about halfway up the ascent to the top.
Level 11 (Al's Penthouse): This laser upgrade can be found in the lobby area, which is almost, if not directly, across from the entrance of the level. The laser can be found on the highest shelf, farthest from the stairs.
Level 12 (Emperor Zurg): Not available.
Level 13 (Airport Infiltration): The green laser can be found in the room with all of the airplane displays and the teeter-totter, directly above the puddle of oil.
Level 14 (Tarmac Trouble): The last laser upgrade in the game can be found between terminal #8 and terminal #1, close to the green slime.
Level 15 (Prospector Showdown): Not available.
  • Hidden tips
Collect 100 or more coins in the first level, Andy's House. Give the coins to Hamm. He will lead you to a room called Woody's Workshop. This room contains more hints and tips about defeating Bosses, etc. Note: If you have already given Hamm 50 coins, this will not work.
  • Invincibility
Quickly type alakazam when "Press Jump" appears at the first screen.
  • Play in Slow Motion
Press F2 to Pause. (Be sure 'CONTINUE' remains highlighted.) Press and Hold the ENTER key. Each time you release and hold the ENTER key the game will advance one frame. You can still control Buzz by using the arrow keys, etc. You will have to continue to hold these keys down as you advance using the ENTER key. This trick is especially helpful in getting the Slinky Challenge token at 'TARMAC TROUBLE' level, and other timed tokens as the game clock is in reference to the game, and not real time.
  • Run on the top of the roof
Find all the army men, then climb the house to reach the roof.
  • Toy Barn encounter
When you reach the Boss of this stage, he will have small carriages surrounding him. Destroy them to complete the level.
  • Use the teeter-totter
There is a teeter-totter on the level with the baggage. Jump through it when it goes down to reach the platform faster.
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