Top Gear Rally 2 (USA)

The place for the Nintendo 64 Game Shark and Pro Action Replay codes! (some codes are official and others are unofficial)

final kaoss

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TopActivator 1 P1D003CB24 00??
TopActivator 2 P1D003CB25 00??
TopDual Activator P1D103CB24 00??
Top1,000 PointsInterAct813CF22F 03E8
Top100,000 Sponsor Credits (After You Enter Support Van)Robb80030D82 0010
TopActivate Cheat ModifierRobb81030D76 00??01 - No Damage or Failures 02 - Bouncy Cars
TopAlways Place 1stRobb810318E2 0001
TopEngine Volume (00-64)813FF38A 00??
TopInfinite CashInterAct813CF22A 4000
TopInfinite Time & Always Place 1st (Championship Mode)810318EE 0001
TopMax Cones Modifier81031CEE ????
TopMax Sponsor Points & Extra GoodiesRobb81033816 270FThis code gives you all tracks and cars. You must save the game with this code on and then load that save.
TopMusic Volume (00-64)813FEF5A 00??
TopNavigator Volume (00-64)813FF132 00??
TopNo Cones Hit81031CEA 0000
TopSFX Volume (00-64)813DDEEA 00??

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