Tommy Lasorda Baseball Cheat Codes (for Sega Genesis)

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  • Bizarre Baseball
Enter "VU9lrstpomXcZTiebrHWyW" as the password. Now press Start, and the game will seem to reset, only the color and graphics are really weird. After you get tired of tripping out on the groovy colors, hit Reset. This will return your picture to normal, but the code is still in effect. Now start a game against the computer and play away! You will soon discover many oddities.

Note: This is a bug in early versions of the game. It will not work in later versions.
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  • Easy Out
When a left batter for the computer comes up, always throw the ball inside. He will automatically swing at the ball.
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  • Invisible Players
For an invisible team, enter the password "Zb6jpqrnmGnYWQXaHuFFAB".
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  • Passwords
For a full range of World Series options, fill in the blanks in "H__flmnjiaVXhLQZPqBCVA". The two blanks represent the first and second teams. To select the opposition team (second blank), input the next consecutive letter of the team in the chart. For example, to use Detroit as the first team, use "D" for the code, but to use them as the second team, use "E".

Code Team Code Team

D Detroit R St. Louis#
E Toronto S New York Mets
F Milwaukee*# T Montreal
G Yankees U Philadelphia*#
H Boston V Pittsburgh
I Baltimore# W Chicago Cubs
J Cleveland X San Francisco#
K Minnesota* Y Cincinnati
L Kansas City# Z Houston*
M Oakland a Los Angeles#
N Seattle b Atlanta
O White Sox# c San Diego
P California Q Texas

* Teams marked with this symbol must play against teams marked with #.
# Teams marked with this symbol must play against teams marked with *.
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