TM2 files don't display


Hi, guys. I've got a Japanese PSP visual novel here and I'm trying to extract the images, which come in TM2/TIM2 format and convert them to BMP/PNG/JPG. The files extract properly:


And convert without any problems:


The thing is, when I extract the files and finish converting them with TIM2BMP, the images turn out like this:


They look like this even when I open the native TM2 files in XnView:


Also, only 10 of the 733 files display properly. They are some of the backgrounds used in the game.

I'm using Sky's Console File Scanner to extract the files. I also have Sonix FileScan v3.0 but I don't understand hex very well, so I can't convert the files that way. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

I wasn't sure where to put this, because there's no section for questions like this here. :( Please move if necessary or delete if this kind of stuff isn't allowed here. All I want to do is see these files properly! Thank you again.
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