Tiny Toons: ACME All-Stars Cheat Codes (for Sega Genesis)

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  • Best Defense In Soccer
Choose Hampton as your goalie.
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  • Drain Goal-Keeper's Energy
Choose Fifi for your team. Use her special, when the ball hits the goal-keeper, he will lose all his energy, and you can hit the ball easily.
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  • Easy Goal
Pick Hampton on your team. Use his super and hold down A or B. Then run into the goalie. The goalie is most likely to get knocked out and you will get an easy goal.
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  • Easy Strike (In Bowling)
To do a "special" bowling move, just move the speed all the way up, then press both A and C at the exact same time.
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  • Hit Computer Team Member
This works for all of the characters. When a computer team member comes closer to you, quickly press A button and your character will hit him/her.
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  • Passwords
Go for the gold with this complete set of passwords.

Level Password Sport

2 Plucky, Montana Max, Elmyra, Buster Basketball
3 Elmyra, Babs, Hampton, Plucky Montana Hitting
4 Babs, Buster, Montana Max, Elmyra Soccer
5 Buster, Hampton, Plucky, Montana Max Basketball
6 Elmyra, Plucky, Babs, Hampton Obstacle Course
7 Plucky, Elmyra, Hampton, Babs Soccer
8 Montana Max, Plucky, Elmyra, Buster Bowling
9 Hampton, Babs, Buster, Montana Max Basketball
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  • Practice Game
For a practice run on the obstacle course, bowling or Montana Hitting, press Right or Left at the title screen.
Re: Tiny Toons: ACME All-Stars

  • Quick Self Destruct
This works only for Calamity Coyote, use his special, then press the A button ten times. He will self destruct. WARNING: when you do this, you will lose all of the power for Calamity Coyote.
Re: Tiny Toons: ACME All-Stars

  • View Credits
Enter the following password to view the credits for the game. Montana Max, Montana Max, Elmyra, Elmyra.
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