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[h=3]Tintin in Tibet[/HEADING]

Tintin in Tibet Instruction Booklet


The Story..........................3
The Keys...........................5
Start the Game.....................6
Pause Function.....................6
Possible Actions..................10
Bonus Items.......................12
Bonus Round.......................13


Tintin is on holiday with captain Haddock in Switzerland. They are at their
hotel when they learn that a DC3 of the line Patna-Katmandu has crashed
during a storm in the mountains near Gosainthan. Some time later, he recieves
a letter from Tchang, a friend who he rescued from drowning when he
travelled in China. Tchang tells him that he's coming to Europe, after a
short stop in Katmandu. To his horror, Tintin realises that Tchang is one
of the persons on the crashed plane. There is little or no hope of finding
them alive. Tintin can't give up on his friend and decides to go to Tibet to
search for Tchang...


D-pad * Change cursor in the menus
* Move Tintin
* Pick up an item
* Talk to the characters
Select * Change cursor in the menu
Start * Start the game
* Confirm options
* Pause the game
* Go to the next level without the cinematic sequences
A Button * Jump
* Confirm options
B Button * Run
* Place a sign


To go for Tchang, together with Tintin, insert the Tintin in Tibet Game Pak
into the Gameboy and push the power switch to ON.
You'll see first the copyright screen, then the language select screen and
then the main menu. To go to the next screen, use Start until you get to the


If you want to stop the game for a while, press the Start Button. Press Start
again at any time to continue the game.


Use the D-pad of the Select Button to move the cursor in the menu. To
confirm, press the A or B Button.

You can change the following options with this menu :
Music ON/OFF
You can play with or without music.
You can play with or without sound effects.
Easy - Normal - Hard. You can choose out of three possibilities.


Password : If you already played and been given a password in the shape of
five faces, choose this option. Thanks to this, you can start the game from
the level that you left.

To insert the password : Choose the place by pressing Left or Right with the
D-pad. Choose the face that you want by pressing Up or Down on the D-pad. To
confirm the password, press the B or Start Button.


The score can be found at the bottom of the screen and contains this :

Tintin's face :
This is to be found on the left of the scoreboard. The number next to his
face gives the number of lives that he has left.

Energybar :
The energybar is in the middle of the scoreboard and comes in four units.
When Tintin hits an obstacle or enemy, he loses one unit of the energybar.
After five hits, he loses a life.

Time :
Some stages in the game must be played with a time limit. The time that you
have is displayed at the right in the scoreboard.


Walk : Press Left or Right on D-pad.
Run : Use the D-pad and press the B Button.
Jump : Press the A Button.
Take/lay Down an Object : Press Down on the D-pad.
Crouch : Press Down on the D-pad
Crouch to see the Bottom of the Screen : Crouch and press the B Button.
Avoid Trees when Swimming : Press Up or Down on the D-pad.
Swim Quicker : Use Left on the D-pad.
Talk to a Character : Stand by the character you want to talk to, and press
Up on the D-pad to start the conversation. To run
through the whole conversation, press A or B Button.
Go Up : Press Up on the D-pad.
Go Down : Press Down on the D-pad


Apple : If collected, adds a unit on your energybar.
One Up : Tintin gets an extra life.


You arrive at a lama monastery after the terrible storm and the three day
journey. On request of the monks, they ask you to imitate a rhythm on the
gong. You also help them arrange their library, that holds many books. You
have to arrange certain signs in a certain order. That's why it is necessary
to remember in which order they were shown on the screen. And finally, you
have to repeat a musical piece.

* Select the Drum : Press Left or Right on the D-pad.
* Play the Drum : To reproduce the rhythm, use the A or B Button.
* Change Signs : Press the Start or A Button.
* Change a Sign/Book : Press Left or Right on the D-pad.
* Ring a Bell : Choose a bell and press Left or Right on the D-pad.
Use the A or B Button to hear the chime.

Produced : Bruno BONNELL
Developping : BIT MANAGERS
Design : Xavier SCHON
Executive Producer : Edith PROTIERE
Production Assistant : Nadege de BERGEVIN
Production Unit : Xavier CUCUEL
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