Thunderstrike 2

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/\ - increases altitude while in flight, when used in conjunction with
forward or backward movement on the d-pad
>< - decreases altitude while in flight, when used in conjunction with
forward or backward movement on the d-pad
() - toggles thru available weapons
[] - fires currently selected weapon

D-pad up - accelerates and moves you helicopter forward
D-pad down - decelerates and mover you helicopter backwards
D-pad right - moves to the right
D-pad left - moves to the left

L1 - rotates your helicopter to the left
R1 - rotates your helicopter to the right

L2 - Toggkes thru the 3 viewpoints
1. with cockpit
2. without cockpit
3. external view

R2 - used with the below

R2 + right - while hovering, rotates right on the spot
R2 + left - while hovering, rotates left on the spot
R2 + up - while hovering, increases altitude
R2 + down - while hovering, decreases altitude

Pressing individually will change currently selected target to the next

start - pause the game & brings up a grid-map
select + start for 2 seconds will return to the title screen


Prior to each mission you receive a briefing outlining your mission

Your Compass is on the cross beam which runs across the top of the windshield.
The currently selected weapon & armor meter appears on the left side of the
screen. Radar is on the center of the helicopters instrument panel, (ground
based threats show up as yellow dots & missiles show up as white dots)

If an enemy is tracking your helicopter an amber radar detection warning
display will begin to flash, (if it turns red the enemy has locked on to your
position with it's weapons)

A map of the area of you position being highlighted in white appears on the
bottom right. Pressing start will pause & raise a grid map.

At the beginning of each campaign you are armed with your 30mm chain gun. Press
() to toggle thru the other weapons.


Most of the time use the chain gun. Save the missiles & bombs till you need

Fly as low as possible to avoid enemy radar. You can shoot the trees with your
chain gun.

Don't get too involved during the early stages of a mission. It's best to head
straight for your primary targets & then destroy any then destroy any remaining
ground targets if you have sufficient armor integrity.

Leave the mission zone if armor is low.
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