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Thinking about getting back into DC only I seem to have run into a problem. I have a old DC that worked back fine back in the day. I finally started to get some new games for it, Sonic Adventure, PSO and Skies of Arcadia. The only problem is Skies of Arcadia wont read -_- The discs are in pretty good shape. Disc 2 starts up if I turn it upside down. Disc 1 rarely works at all. I tried the laser calibration, no good. Sonic and PSO however both run flawlessly. So what I am asking here mainly is, should I get a new system before I get new games? This has kinda put a damper on wanting to spend more money on it, or does this sound like a disc issue? I really wanna play SoA but it would be expensive to buy again. Googling makes it seems like its probably the disc, and PSO and Sonic run flawlessly everytime. However some people say DC lasers get old and can get picky. Any suggestions on how to move forward?
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