Thinking about getting a psp.


Hello and I'm glad I found what seems to be such a great community of PSP users. I know almost nothing on hacking and although I use to own a PSP I didn't do any modding or hacking on it. I always saw and heard about all the PSP could do and although we don't have alot of money me and my wife wanted to look into getting a PSP and hacking it to save money on renting movies/games and other things for entertainment. The big questions I have is what fully should I be looking for? I went through and searched on here for different information and read alot of the stickies. So I'm thinking that the PSP 1001 aka phat's would be the easiest for someone not so tech savy to try to undertake? I would be buying it off ebay and I'm wondering how can you check firmware before buying? If the firmware is a number it shouldn't be is there a way to make it back into a lower firmware? I really hope this isn't all a bother I just want to be sure before I invest in buying a PSP that I'm doing things right. Thank you for the help ^.^
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