The True Sale Number's Of The Dreamcast

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One question that i always thought was how many units did Sega ship/ manufacture from 98 to 2001? The reason i have thought about this is because so many sites list different figures, some say as high as 11 million and some like Wikipedia as low as 8.2 million. After doing some extensive research i found the main number people refer too is from the 2001 Sega Annual Report ( page 14) This number in my opinion is out of date, this number of units represent the number of Dreamcast's Sold until march 31st 2001. Those who know the Dreamcast from around this time know that shortly after the spring of 2001 Sega slashed the price to 50 Dollars in order to sell of excess inventory. We know that in west Dreamcast hardware was sold until sometime in 2002 until most inventory was finally depleted (this of course depends on where you live ect. Adam K says that His local Toy R Us was selling Dreamcast stuff until 2005 when the Xbox 360 came out). From doing more internet sleuthing i found out in 2002 Dreamcast sales still reached almost a million units ( page 7) this report in brief states this: from 2001 to 2002 Sega had Sold 130,000 units in Japan and In America 530,000 units. They then go on to say they wish to in the Holiday season on 2002 to sell the remaining inventory for these regions which are 40,000 for Japan and 230 000 For the US. It should be noted that since this does not include Europe (In which the Dc was almost as popular as in North America and even lasted longer) we should assume the sales figures should be similar to the Us. This would total to (Not including Europe) to 9.13 million units. If we say Europe is a little lower to America than it Comes to 10 Million units. The 2003 report does not say anything about Dreamcast Sales so i have no Accurate info, if anyone has any please share! Anyway i think stuff like Wikipedia should be updated ect to match this more realistic number as it makes the Dc look pretty bad and may elude to that it failed (which i dont think so which is a entirely different topic)
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