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The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space Mutants

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This is the manual to the NES game.....

The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space Mutants (from Akklaim)


Hello, fellow humans!           Pretty cool, huh?
Bartholomew J.
Simpson here, with              Anyway, your truly is the only one
a very important                who can see 'em 'cause of my X-Ray
secret: SPACE                   glasses-so it's up to me to stop 'em!
MUTANTS ARE IN-                 I've gotta spraypaint things, get
VADING SPRING-                  radical on my skateboard, use my
FIELD!                          trusty slingshot and in general,
                                behave like a nuisance, man.
That's right, man! A
buncha slimy,                   Plus, with evil dudes like Nelson the
horrible, totally gross         bully and Sideshow Bob getting in my
and putrid monsters             way, it's s good thing I've got the
are taking over the             rest of the SImpson to help me out!
bodies of the people
who live here and               So if you're a decent person, a
they wanna build a              patriot and somebody who cares
weapon that's                   about this sorry planet, you'll do the
gonna take over the             right thing.  Save the Earth!
entire planet!                  PLAY THIS GAME!
                                                      Thanks, man.

                                                                      [Page 3]

[GETTINING STARTED]________________________________________________

1. Make sure the power switch is OFF.

2. Insert THE SIMPSONS: BART VS. THE SPACE MUTANTS cartridge as described in

3. Turn the power switch ON.

TO START: Press START to begin the game.  The A BUTTON will move you quickly
through theintroductory screens.

[THE CONTROLS]__________________________________________________

The following illustration shows you  ARROWS RIGHT, LEFT, UP, or DOWN.
how to move Bart and control his
actions throughout the game.          TO JUMP - Press the A BUTTON.

TO MOVE - Press the CONTROL PAD       TO JUMP HIGHER - Keep holding

                                                                      [Page 4]

down the A BUTTON.

Press both the A BUTTON and
B BUTTON at the same time.
(Make sure you press the A            [Mini picture of the NES Control Pad
BUTTON just before you press the      with all the buttons pointed out.]
B BUTTON, especially when
holding a weapon.  Otherwise
you'll waste a shot.)

TO WALK FASTER - Hold down the A      down the DOWN ARROW and
BUTTON while moving.                  press SELECT.

SPRAYPAINT - Press the B BUTTON.      Press START.

TO SCROLL THROUGH THE INVEN-          TO PAUSE - Select "Pause" in the
TORY AND SELECT AN ITEM -             inventory and press START.
                                      TO CONTINUE - Press START a second
TO SCROOL THROUGH THE INVEN-          time after selecting "Pause."

                                                                      [Page 5]

[THE STATUS SCREEN]_______________________________________________

The Status Screen gives
you the information
you need to complete
the levels.  
                     NUMBER OF HITS                              WEAPON METER
                  LEFT IN CURRENT LIFE                           (HOW MUCH
                      /                                        / AMMO IS LEFT)
                    /   ___________________________________  /
          O O      O O  [ X - RAY SPECS                   | []
       / \___/          [-------------------------| O--O/|| []
     /                  [     400] [4] [525] [19] |_______| []
   /     M _ _ _ _ _         SCORE LIVES TIME GOALS______
  |                          /      /      \             \_ GOALS REMAINING

[GETTING THE FAMILY TO HELP]_______________________________________

If he tried hard enough, Bart could   course.  Bu it'd sure be easier if
probably save the world alone, of     Homer, Marge, Lisa, and Maggie

                                                                      [Page 6]

could help him.  The problem is,      Important note:
Bart doesn't exactly have the best    Don't let Bart jump on the head of
reputation for telling th truth, so   someone who isn't taken over by
he first has to convince his family   a Mutant!  To Learn who is and isn't
he's not making this story up.        a Mutant, use the X-Ray specs
                                      (described in the next section).
How does he do it? By jumping on
the head of the people whose
bodies have been taken over by
Mutants.  This forces the Mutants
out of the bodies they've been
controlling.  They then leave
behind proof of their existance
that Bart must pick up before it
disappears.  Each time he gets
one, a letter in the name of one of
the Simpsons appears under their
picture in the Status Screen.  When
their name is completely spelled
out, that family member helps Bart
battle the arch-enemy waiting for
him at the end of the level.

                                                                      [Page 7]

[X_RAY SPECS]_______________________________________________________

Make sure the X-Ray specs have been sleceted from the inventory.  Then press
START and Bart will look through the glasses and be able to tell which people
have been taken over by the Mutants.  Be careful: if he hops on the head of
someone who hasn't been taken over, he'll be penalized one hit (see "Lives" on
page 17).


These are the ingredients the         To save the Earth,
Mutants need to build their           Bart must collect,
Ultimate Weapons, which they'll use   destroy, hide, change,
to conquer the world.                 and otherwise ruin these

                                                                      [Page 8]

objects so the aliens
can't gather them
up.  He must
collect the                           LEVEL 1:
amount of items                       THE STREETS
shown on the                          OF SPRINGFIELD
Status Screen,
fight off and                         PURPLE-COLORED OBJECTS
avoid a bunch of                      Purple objects are the first ingredients
enemies along                         the Mutants need for their Ultimate
the way and                           Weapon.  Be on the lookout for any-
then do battle                        thing colored purple.  Bart will be able
with some evil                        to use spraypaint in this level, but he
familiar foes at                      won't be able to spray everything.  Try
the end of                            to be creative and figure out other
each level.                           ways he
                                      can get
If Bart manages to                    rid of
complete an entire                    the
level, the Mutants                    purple
modify their ma-                      objects.
chine so it can use
some other

                                                                      [Page 9]

LEVEL 2:                              LEVEL 3:
THE SPRINGFIELD                       KRUSTYLAND
SHOPPING MALL                         AMUSEMENT
Hats are the                          BALLOONS
Mutants' second                       Balloons are the next
choice for building their             ingredient the Mutants
weapon.  Collect as many as you       will be after.  Bart can find them at
can, but if you come across           the Krustyland Amusement Park.
people who are wearing hats, Bart     He can grab the balloons or shoot
must first knock the hat of their     them with his slingshot (which is
head before he can collect it.        easier), but first he's for the find his

                                      Bart can also play games of skill
                                      and chance at Krustyland.  Here's
                                      how: Push UP on the CONTROL PAD
                                      when he's standing in front of a
                                      game.  Then you'll see instructions
                                      on what to do next.  If he

                                                                     [Page 10]

has to shoot or throw, press the B    LEVEL 4: SPRINGFIELD MUSEUM OF
BUTTON (at the shooting gallery use   NATURAL HISTORY
the CONTROL PAD to aim).  If he has
to place a bet, use the RIGHT or      EXIT SIGNS
LEFT ARROWS to move the coin,         The next ingredient is exiy signs,
and press the B BUTTON to start the   which the Mutants have snuck into
wheel spinning. Remember to have      the museum-after hours-to steal.
enough coins to play, and also        Bart can touch these signs to
remember that Bart might some-
times have to jump to hit a target.

                                                                     [Page 11]

collect them, but some of them        LEVEL 5: SPRINGFIELD NUCLEAR
are pretty high up.  If he can't      POWER PLANT
reach them, use the dart guns,
which you can pick up along the       POWER RODS
way.  Watch out for laser alarms      Nuclear power rods are the final
and just about everything else        ingredient the Mutants can use to
here-some things take on life of      build their machine.  Bart must make
their own past closing time.          his way around the Power Plant
                                      where Homer works, collecting all
                                      the rods he can find.  Then he has to
                                      hightail it to the basement and put
                                      them back in the reactor.  The
                                      maximum amount of rods he can
                                      carry at one time is 4 and they're
                                      displayed on the Status Screen.

                                                                     [Page 12]

where the Simpsons faces were.        right in front of it.  Press the B
The reason the faces aren't shown     BUTTON and the elevator will arrive
there anymore is because they're      at his floor and the door will open.
all at the plant helping Bart! (See   Push UP on the CONTROL PAD and
the "Family" and "Friends" sections   he'll enter.  Press LEFT or RIGHT on
on pages 18 - 20 to find out what     the CONTROL PAD to pick the
they can do for him.)                 destination floor, and then press
                                      the B BUTTON again.  When he gets
THE ELEVATOR AND STAIRS               to that floor,  push DOWN on the
                                      CONTROL PAD to exit.
Bart can't move around the plant
unless he uses the elevators or the   Note: Some elevators stop at all
stairs.  To move Bart into the        floors, some are express.
elevator, he has to be standing

                                                                     [Page 13]


If you want Bart to use the stairs,
push UP on the CONTROL PAD and
he'll go in the door.  When he's in,
hold down the B BUTTON while
pressing UP or DOWN on the
CONTROL PAD to pick the destina-
tion floor.  Release the B BUTTON
and push DOWN on the CONTROL
PAD to exit the stairway.  Bart can
only travel to one floor at a time.


Bart is only allowed to shoot at        your eyes peeled.  Bart can only use
goals and anything else thats firing    these weapons in the level he finds
or throwing something at him.  The      them in, and pressing the B BUTTON
way to get weapons is to pick           fires them.
them up as you go along, so keep

                                                                     [Page 14]

After Bart's collected a weapon, he     Bart can pick up and carry as
carries it with him at all times until  many weapons as he can find.  But
the ammo's used up.  Then he loses      each time he uses one, his ammo
that weapon and has to find a new       supply goes doen (paint, darts,
one to do more damage with.             slingshot rocks).  The Status Screen
                                        shows how much ammo he has

                                        SPRAYPAINT - You can find these
                                        cans on the streets of Springfield.
                                        Bart will need them to change the
                                        color of some of the purple
                                        objects, so don't waste paint!

                                        SLINGSHOT - There are pleanty of
                                        these around the Krustyland
                                        Amusement Park.  You get 12 shots
                                        with each one.

                                        DART GUN - Find these on display
                                        at the Natural History Museum.
                                        Each one's got 12 shots.

                                                                     [Page 15]

[OTHER USEFUL ITEMS]________________________________________________

Bart starts out the game with 10      Springfield stores.  If he's standing by
coins, but he'll need a lot more.     a store entrance, push UP on the
Coins are necessary to buy things     CONTROL PAD, and he'll go right in.
and play games; and for every 15      The owner will ask him what he
he collects, he gets an extra life.   wants.  Push LEFT or RIGHT on the
When he gets that extra life          CONTROL PAD to choose an item.
through, 10 coins are subtracted      Then press either A or B BUTTON
from inventory.                       for each one you want to buy.  The
                                      item will go into inventory.  To get
There are other useful objects that
will come in handy in the heat of
the battle.  Try to figure out what
they are and how and where to
use them.  One thing to keep in
mind though: you usually can't use
something unless you've bought it.

Bart can buy in most of the

                                                                     [Page 16]

Bart out of the store, push DOWN

Remember, these items cost
money, so make sure Bart has
enough coins.  And here's a little tip
about the rockets: if you want Bart
to fire one, hurry up and make him
light it.  Those sparklers don't last


Bart gets a total of 3 lives.  For each   Bart gets extra lives (sometimes
life he uses, Bart can sustain two        one, sometime more than one)
hits.  The second time Bart is hit, he    when he finds the Krusty faces,
loses that life.                          and one extra life for every 15
                                          coins he collects.  Each of those
The only times Bart can lose one full     lives consists of two hits.
life immediately is when he falls into
a pit, wet cemennt, quicksand, etc.

                                                                     [Page 17]

[THE SIMPSONS]____________________________________________________

Remember, the other Simpsons will only help Bart in Levels 1-4 if he can get
enough alien proofs to make them believe him.  If he makes it to Level 5, the
Power Plant, the whole family will be there to help him.

Bart's loving mom will be at the mall if he needs her, and at the Power Plant
to ease his burden.

                                                                     [Page 18]

Bart's brainy sister can help out at Krustyland, and the two can make a
winning combination at the Power Plant.

Maggie Simpson
Bart's baby sister who is too young to talk, but not too young to help.

Bart's dad will watch out for him at the museum, and at the plant, too, but
only if Bart finds him some boxes of donuts.

                                                                     [Page 19]

[BART'S FRIENDS]____________________________________________________

KRUSTY THE CLOWN - TV show host       JEBEDIAH SPRINGFIELD - The beloved
and Bart's comedy hero.  Look for     founder of Springfield who can give
him to get extra lives.               Bart the power of invincibility.

[BART'S FOES]________________________________________________________

The chief Mutants have sent these     the Mutants wipe Bart out.
soldiers to carry out their plan:
                                      This next bunch is totally evil;
ZEBLOID - These hairy aliens hop up   Bart's fought them all before.
and down and back and forth.          Now they want revenge-even if
                                      it means selling out the Earth to
GLONDIP - They mostly crawl           the Mutants!
around the ground, but some of
them hop up and down.                 NELSON - Springfield Elementary's
                                      biggest bully.  His weapons of choice
KILLER KLOWN - They can be found      are water balloons at 20 paces.
all around Krustyland, trying to help

                                                                     [Page 20]

MS. BOTZ - The notorious Babysitter   are as big as ever.
Bandit, a fugitive on the loose, and
one of America's Most Armed and       DR. MARVIN MONROE - Local
Dangerous.  She stashes what she      family counselor, radio call-in show
steals in suitcases and maybe Bart    host, quack.  He likes using shock
can use that against her.             therapy, but lately he's gone soft
                                      in the head.
he was Krusty the                     ADIL - Albanian superspy, explo-
Clown's faithful friend,              sives expert and former foreign
then he became a                      exchange student.
traitor.  Now he's
out on parole,                        JIMBO - The absolute worst kid in
and his feet                          school, a skateboard freak and
                                      the only teenager in fifth grade.


You can earn points for defeating enemies and accomplishing certain tasks.
Here's what they're worth:

                                                                     [Page 21]

ITEM                                                                    POINTS
END-OF-LEVEL ENEMIES ................................................... 1,000
MAJOR ENEMIES WITHIN LEVEL ............................................... 500
REMOVING ALIEN FROM HUMAN ................................................ 200
KRUSTY THE CLOWN FACE (EXTRA LIVES) ...................................... 100
PROOF .................................................................... 100
GOAL ..................................................................... 100
JEBEDIAH HEAD (INVINCIBILITY) ............................................. 50
COIN ...................................................................... 50
COMPLETE LEVEL .................................. Time remaining on clock X 10


* Always check the clock and keep        * At the mall, Bart can't jump on a
track of the time.                       lollipop if its stick is pointed
* Try jumping on things, around things,  straight up or down.
and on top of things.  You never know    * Collect plenty of Krusty faces,
what will turn up.                       weapons, and coins.
* In Springfield, try to discover what   * There are warp zones, so try to
ledges Bart can stand on.                discover them.  Keep in mind that
* There are lots of ways to get rid of   Bart can only warp to another place
purple-colored objects.  Be creative     in the same level.
and experiment.

                                                                     [Page 22]

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