The Guided Fate Paradox


Codes from: Games24 and some myself.

Infinite EN
00012624 A0031922
OGP: A00319207C840214B0831920A12319227C840734
COP: A00319227C840214B0831920A12319227C840734

Infinite SP
0021771C 60000000
OGP: 7C040050F8091778806300CCE80317782FA00000
COP: 60000000F8091778806300CCE80317782FA00000

Max Money(on sell)
00118658 60000000
OGP: 409D0008F92B000038000000901B0034B01B002C
COP: 60000000F92B000038000000901B0034B01B002C

Handyman Weapons become gold type:
00015864 60000000
OGP: F80900003D603B9A616BC9FF7FA05840409D0008
COP: 600000003D603B9A616BC9FF7FA05840409D0008

Blacksmith Enhances does not require gold
00012BEC 7D605B78
OGP: 7C00585079290020F80900003D603B9A616BC9FF
COP: 7D605B7879290020F80900003D603B9A616BC9FF

Blacksmith instantly enhances item to Max(It's based on Item Rank or Stars; 1 Star = Max 9, 2 Stars =19; 4 Stars = 49 and so on...)
0008D540 60000000
OGP: 7C0A0378B0030062896300025560063E
COP: 60000000B0030062896300025560063E

Max Space in Inventory(64 Slots, more than this will affect Warehouse, to take effect, must open and close Divinigram with code active)
PS: Don't open your Divinigram while holding more than 20 items, or it will block you from closing it ti'll you have exactly space for the amount of items you're carrying, always clean your inventory before opening the divinigram with this active)
00206ABC 38000040
OGP: 3D29002638000014900912A03B400001
COP: 3D29002638000040900912A03B400001

Max Damage
Turn ON: 00065E38 60000000
Turn OFF: 00065E38 409D0008
OGP: 409D00087C0603787BAB002057C9103A39296370
COP: 600000007C0603787BAB002057C9103A39296370

Max Burst on Aquisition
00087C48 60000000
OGP: 409D0008B1640130A00401307C0007342F800000409C000C
COP: 60000000B1640130A00401307C0007342F800000409C000C

Max Deity(Divinity Mode) on Change
0007C424 60000000
OGP: 409D000C38002710B01D0000E80100A07C0803A6EBA10078
COP: 6000000038002710B01D0000E80100A07C0803A6EBA10078

Infinite Deity Mode(don't transform back)
0006BFAC 60000000
OGP: 7C1E0050981F00037C0907742C0900004181000C38000000
COP: 60000000981F00037C0907742C0900004181000C38000000

Max Level on 1 Kill
0021829C 3C00FB9A
OGP: E80300B87C002214F80300B881230004A069015A
COP: 3C00FB9A7C002214F80300B881230004A069015A

Infinite Tiles on Divinigram
00201CC4 39290000
OGP: A12B00083929FFFFB12B00084E800020
COP: A12B000839290000B12B00084E800020

RTM Only
Max All Tiles(ATK, DEF, SPD and HIT)
0 0051EF80 03E703E703E703E703E703E703E703E703E703E703E703E703E703E703E703E703E703E703E703E703E703E703E703E7

Enhance first group of items to 9 and some of them to abnormal numbers(like +20.000), but they don't give stats, just sell by higher money)
0 0008D53C 7C071A14

Easy Nice Flow Trophy(Remove and Equip a Tile from Divnigram)
0 00206A20 419D0010

Mod Inventory Space to Max(64 Slots, after 64 items start going to warehouse instead)
0 00711A8A 0040

MC Total Level(Affects the Level Shop, if you have a high Total Level and change it to 1, the shop will get an crazy amount there to use, then, change back to your older total level)
0 00711A90 XXXXXXXX
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