The end of NeoDC is near.... Edited: working on demo collection

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Hello everyone,
People may or may not be familiar with the NeoDC team and that's ok. The end of this team is close because we are running out of work to do. If you want something let us know!

It started by releasing an 80min working release of roommania #203 and then continued on.
I believe the list is:
  • Roommania #203
  • Sengoku turb Fanfan double-entendre (all works, no rip)
  • Monaco Grand Prix rs2 online (for you guys!)
  • The next Tetris online (for you guys!)
  • Super RUNABOUT (Jap) someone here requested it
  • Planetweb 3.0 (has its own issues, not my fault)

  • Neodc_cdda_tool - rips game audio, optionally re-encodes to FLAC. Very tiny application built for one purpose but is being expanded as more requests are made or I need a tool and one doesn't exist. Size: 6kb (tiny!!!) and 48kb with FLAC support (still pretty tiny, way tinier than most FLAC encoders). Runs on win9x -> Windows 10 with no external dependencies.
  • Chao Generator for @Slurm: Generates a random Chao that can be downloaded by the DC. PHP, time:15 minutes ;)

Ongoing projects:
  • DC-Explorer - experiment in coding a full web browser in a WindowsCE environment
  • Untitled 3d game - experiment in coding a short/simple but complete game in a WindowsCE environment with directx
  • Sega rally 2 (Jap) - reverse engineering and fixing cdda issues after ripping to CDI
  • Monaco Grand Prix rs2 online - fix display issues for NTSC consoles using composite cables. Reverse engineering
  • Worms world party - haven't started but I believe the currently available release doesn't have cdda. Fixing that, may bleed into Sega rally 2 research.
  • 21 other games that are missing VGA support - ongoing but slow research and reverse engineering.

Thanks for the support everyone and for playing the releases that get made! If you would like to see a release made for a game let me know.
Release standards:
  • supposed to work on all consoles and all cable types
  • Will always be a standard CDI 80min image
  • Minimally ripped (only if needed), and padded out to the 79th minute
  • If CDDA audio then 2 versions will be made: full and an mp3 ripped version (quicker download)

For the people who I am working with on projects: Monaco mods, planetweb 2.6/3.0, DC-Explorer. Don't worry I'm not leaving.

Someone requested the demos so thats the new project:
Generator 1+2
Magazine Volume 2-11

PAL demos could be done but we have 3 dreamcasts and they are all ntsc so there is no way to easily test. if someone wants to volunteer that'd be cool.

My harddrive is weeping at storing all of this. going to need to grab some 2tb externals

Look for them soon!

EDIT: Demos are starting to get done.
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