The Dreamcast Scene Is On The Verge Of Death And No One Seems To Notice

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I'm just going to skip the intro junk, the title says it all. I got into a LONG talk with TacT and i think Bob Dobs about this last Friday. It is undeniable that more and more money is going into Dreamcast development. But with more money going into development, comes a need for more money being received by developers. but i don't see this happening. Not enough people care about the Dreamcast to support such a scene, and the fact that these games are coming out on other platforms really doesn't help to much, as new games on most of these other platforms are a dime a hundred. tact mentioned that soon, Chineze clones will come out with build in games, but thats just it BUILT IN games. even if these clones come out, they will most likely not support new stuff, witch does nothing to help the scene, and it might even hurt it a bit by taking away the reason to buy a DC to play the classics. Go ahead, dispute me on this, i'm curious to hear others thoughts.
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