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Welcome to TEST DRIVE: OFF-ROAD, a wild ride in the world's most exotic
4x4s. You'll race the hottest production 4x4 vehicles head to head or in
mixed-vehicle races. You'll see how you stack up against the other drives as
you speed through the twelve grueling courses.

Choose from these incredible rides: the Hummer, the Land Rover
Defender 90, the Jeep(r) Wrangler or the Chevy K-I 500 Z-71 TM Feel the
power and the speed as you roar and slip through the straight-aways and
curves of the race tracks. TEST DRIVE: OFF-ROAD uses real-world physics to
calculate the interaction between the vehicles and the terrain for real race
simulation action. You can play solo, or against your friends.

You'll find twelve tracks featuring three different environments, each one a
unique challenge. You'll hear the actual engine sounds of the vehicle you are
driving. No cheap imitations here! And you'll also hear awesome sound
GRAVITY KILLS, in three special remixes.

You'll need to sharpen your reflexes to win in this game. So break out those
driving gloves, strap on your helmet, and get ready to go!


Setup the PlayStation GAME CONSOLE and insert the disc as described in
the PlayStation GAME CONSOLE manual. Switch the power button on. To
access the main menu screen press button X on your Controller.



You will now have the following options: PRACTICE RACE, MIXED LEAGUE,
CLASS LEAGUE, 1 PLAYER (which can be changed to 2 Player. To change the
number of players, highlight this option and press X. Make sure that you have
controllers plugged into both ports), OPTIONS and LOAD/SAVE. By using the
directional buttons, you can highlight your desired option. Press X to select
your choice.


This screen presents you with the following options. To choose any of the
options, use the directional buttons to highlight your desired option and press
X to choose that option. It is advisable to select and fine tune your options
before entering into any of the race modes.


This option will show you the Hall of Fame screen. Each track has the best time
for a lap on that track recorded, and the name of the driver who scored that
time. To view the different Track records, use the directional button.


On the Sound FX screen, the following options can be fine tuned to your liking.
SFX level and CD LEVEL the bar on the screen indicates the volume. When
setting the Volume you are able to test the level you have chosen. To do this
press button X, you will then hear an example of the current level. For CD track
level you have the choice between: Auto, Pre-defined music tracks and


Random as it suggests, the game will choose a random track to play, this track
will then repeat until you change the selection. One other option is to pick
which sound track you wish to hear. This track will then repeat regardless of
which track you are racing on, until you choose to change it. You will also have
the option to turn the music off.


The Driver Set Up screen allows you to do the following: enter name, turn anti-
skid on or off and turn Power Steering on or off. You will also have the option
to turn the on screen displays on or off.

ENTER NAME: This option allows you to enter your name and/or the password
from a Mixed or Class League win. When you select this option, highlight and
press CLR to clear the current name (Player 1 or Player 2) and use the direc-
tion button and the X button to type in your name. When you are done, select
the return key and press X.

ANTI-SKID: This option helps control spin-outs. The X button chooses between
On and Off.

POWER STEERING: This option decides if power steering is active. The X but-
ton chooses between On and Off.

CONTROLLER: By pressing button X you will see a picture of the Controller
explaining the function of each of the buttons. By pressing the left and right
Directional buttons on the Controller you are able to cycle through five
Controller configuration settings. When you have found your favorite setting
simply press X to accept the changes. The default Gameplay controls are as


Pause Game Start
Steer Car Directional buttons left / right
Accelerate X button
Brake/Reverse SQUARE button
Horn TRIANGLE button
Handbrake (hit repeatedly for power slide) CIRCLE button
Change Camera Setting Select
Rotate Camera 90% L2 button
Panic R2 button


This menu item allows you to turn the setting for Friction on or off. With the
Friction turned on, the Vehicle you are using will act realistically when crossing
various terrain, i.e. the vehicle will slow down when travelling across grass and
mud etc. With the Friction turned off, the various terrains will not slow you down
or affect the handling of the car.


TEST DRIVE: OFF-ROAD offers you three difficulty settings to choose from: Easy,

Medium or Hard.

Choose to turn the damage feature on or off. With the damage feature turned


off the cars will not appear damaged however many times you misjudge that
corner and go crashing into the barriers.


You will have the option to have you name displayed in the game above your
car. The default IS to have this option turned off..

The other options on the menu screen are as follows:


Choose to re-load any Saved Games you have in either of the Memory Card
slots. Press exit to return to the Main Menu.


Turn the on-screen map on/off


Turn the on-screen stats - velocity in miles per hour, current lap number and
current race time - on/off


Now either choose Practice Race or one of the leagues.


Select this mode to race against three computer controlled vehicles; the com-
puter vehicles will be randomly picked from the selection of vehicles available.



To select this mode you will need to highlight the 1 Player Icon and change this
to 2 Player, then select Practice Race. Both players will then be able to choose
a vehicle of their choice. Once again you will race against your opponent and
two randomly selected Computer Vehicles. The 2 player game default presen-
tation is as a horizontally split screen. If you press START (pause) during the 2
Player Race, you can access the Split Screen Toggle and change the view to a
vertically split screen.

For both Practice Race 1 Player and Practice Race 2 Player, you get to choose
which vehicle you compete in, the track you wish to race on and the number of
laps. Do this by following the On Screen instructions.


Choose from four different vehicles: Hummer, Chevrolet, Jeep and Land
Rover then select from four color combinations for each vehicle. There are
four bonus vehicIes that will become available when specific leagues are won
in tournament mode.


Choose to race on any of the six available tracks, all the tracks are individually
named and each track will fall into one of the following categories: DIRT
TRACK, DESERT TRACK or SNOW TRACK. You can then decide how many
laps you wish the race to consist of, choose from a minimum of 1 to a maximum
of 5. Six additional tracks become available when you win specific Leagues in
tournament mode.

When you have made all your selections, press X. The race will now begin.



When you enter the Mixed League Mode you will be involved in a tournament
competing against twenty three other competitors. The first challenge cup is
King of the Mountain. After you have won it, the next trophy challenge will be
made available to you.

In each league you will compete in Six Races all on random tracks. Once again
you will be able to select any vehicle you wish, you will race against a mixed
selection of vehicles. Immediately before each race you will be presented with
'Fixture List' screens. This screens will tell you the following.

1. Round Number (1 - 6).
2. The track you will be racing on.
3. (Second screen) The number of laps in the race (1 - 5).
4. Which race you will be in and the drivers you will be competing
against. (Your race will be highlighted in yellow).

In order to progress in Mixed League, you must place 3rd or higher in the first
3 races, and 2nd or higher in the last 3 races.

Winning on each of the Mixed League Cups unlocks a track for you to use. The
first two cups default to Easy or to your preset difficulty level. Winning these will
open up each of two tracks. The second two cups default to Medium difficulty
and open up each of two more tracks. The last two cups, Power Challenge and
Elite, default to the Hard difficulty setting. Winning these will open up the final
two courses.


At the end of each race you will be presented with the latest League Table for


you to check your current standing. Whilst on this screen you will have the
option to save :he current game. The scoring system is as follows.
1. 1st Place - 10 Points -
2. 2nd Place - 8 Points
3. 3rd Place - 4 Points
4. Last Place - 1 Point


When you choose Class League once again you will be racing in leagues
against 23 other competitors. This time, however, the leagues will be Vehicle
Specific. There will be four different leagues: Hummer(r) Class League, Land
Rover Class League, Chevy Class League and the Jeep Class League,
choose to race in any of the Class Leagues.

Once you have selected the league you wish to compete in you will be request-
ed to choose a color scheme for your vehicle. As in the Mixed League you will
be required to race in six races per league all on tracks all with varying num-
bers of laps to complete. As with the Mixed League prior to each race you will
be presented with the 'fixture list' screen, giving you the same information as
with the Mixed League.


The Scoring System will replicate that of the Mixed League. At the end of each
race you will be presented with the latest league table for you to check your cur-
rent position.

In the Class League you are given the opportunity to access four bonus vehicles


To access the bonus vehicles you will need to achieve the following

1. Win Hummer(r) Class League with difficulty setting on Medium
Hard to access the bonus Monster Truck.
2. Win Land rover Class League with difficulty setting on Medim or
Hard to access the bonus 4 x 4 Buggy
3. Win Chevy Class League with difficulty setting on Medium or Hard
to access the bonus Hot Rod.
4. Win the Jeep Class League with the difficulty setting on Medium or
Hard to access the bonus Stock Car.

Note: When you have gained access to these four Bonus Vehicles you will be
in a position to choose them on the Vehicle Select Screen. However, they will
only be available during a Practice Race.


Once you have selected your Race Mode, selected your Vehicle and number of
laps etc you will be ready to take to the tracks to tackle the demanding terrains
and challenge the best.

To complete each track you will need to cross the five CheckPoints and the
Finishing Line. If you miss a CheckPoint, arrows will appear in the middle of
the screen instructing you to turn around to pass the required Check Point.

There are other on screen displays to help you during the race. You will be
aided by: Speedometer, Timer, Lap Counter, Race Map and Position Indicator.



There are four/camera angles to choose from when racing. Cycle through the
camera angle pressing the Pre-Set button. The four camera angles are: Low
Behind Car, Slightly Higher Behind Car, Very High Behind Car and In Vehicle
Cam. Please note in 2 Player Mode when you are racing using the In Vehicle
Cam the dashboard will not be shown.

The camera view can also be altered in Test Drive by pressing the Pro-Set but-
ton, the camera will rotate 900 allowing a side on view, a view from in front of
I the car as well as the default setting behind the car.


By pressing the START button the game will pause. You will now have two
options either CONTINUE the game or you will have the option to QUIT if you
choose to Quit you will be presented with the Results Screen this will indicate
your Retirement and advise of the other placings.


In order to play via Link Mode you must have two monitors, two PlayStation
game Consoles connected by a link, and two copies of TEST DRIVE: OFF-ROAD.

Turn both machines off and connect the link cable to both machines. Turn the
power back on, load the game on both machines, and the menus will show the
Link Menus. Unavailable options will be grayed out. Select Practice Race, and
you both will be prompted to select vehicles. One player at random will be cho-
sen to select the track and the number of laps.

Note: At any time, should you need to reset the game, use the RESET button
on the Console.


The Vehicles:

In TEST DRIVE: OFF-ROAD, you'll be able to drive one of four exciting vehicles.
Each of these 4x4s has been carefully chosen to give you the race of a life-
time. Study them well, and pick out the one that best suits your driving style.


It's not a car. It's not a truck. It's not just another 4x4. It's a Hummer(r), a vehi-
cle designed to face the rigors of combat; designed to meet the demands of
the United States Armed Forces. What could be better for off-road racing?

The Hummer(r) features sixteen inches of ground clearance, full-time four
wheel drive, and a 72-inch-wide track for with an extremely low center of gravi-
ty. Its unique design give true full-time four wheel drive because with
Hummer's torque blasting differentials, power is delivered to all four wheels,
even when one or more has lost traction. And flat tires aren't a problem. With
Hummer's Runflat Tire System, you can go up to 20 miles at speeds of up to
30 mph on flat tires. Perfect for those grueling races when you just don't have
time to stop.

The Hummer(r) boasts a 190 horsepower GM LOS 5.7 liter gasoline engine
delivering 300 lb. ft. of torque. This translates into top speeds of over 75 miles
per hour and power when you need it. The 4-wheel fully independent suspen-
sion system with heavy-duty springs and shock absorbers provides comfort-
able ride even on the toughest terrain and enables the Hummer(r) to carry up
to two tons. And with the Central Tire Inflation System, you can inflate and
deflate your tires while on the move to adjust to the terrain.


Land RoverTM/ Defender 90

The Defender I' 90 was FOUR WHEELER MAGAZINE'S "1994 Four Wheeler of the
Year," and it's just gotten better. The interior has been improved to make it
quieter, more comfortable, and more convenient. But you don't care about all
of that. You care about power, about performance, about guts.

And the Land Rover has all of that and more. It features a 3.9 liter, 182
horsepower, aluminum alloy V8 engine with electronic fuel injection to move
you along at breath-taking speeds. The 10.5 inch hydraulically-actuated clutch
mated to the smooth-shifting R380 5-speed manual transmission makes tack-
ling tough ground a breeze. The permanent four-wheel drive, the live axles
front and rear with four wheel, long travel coil spring suspension and front and
rear sway bars will drag you over any terrain. And the four-wheel power
assisted disc brake system with ventilated front disks will make sure that you
can slide through those turns and stay out of trouble.

But best of all, you'll be showing your sense of individualism and freedom as
you drive one of the classiest vehicles around. Nothing says 6lan like Land
Rover; nothing says adventure like Land Rover.

Chevy K-I 500 Z-71

More power is what you want. And more power is what you get with the
Chevy Z-71 The Vortec 5700 L31 engine is loaded with 255 horsepower
and 330 lb-ft. of torque. The straight-port cylinder heads with revised combus-
tion chambers improve airflow, raise the compression ration to 9:4:1, and give
you the maximum performance you need for top-notch race performance.

And the features don't stop there. The five-speed manual transmission has


been upgraded to handle the torque of that new Vortec V8. Th&gear shift has
synchronized forward gears to provide the smooth, easy shifting\you'll need to
tackle the race courses.

The TM has independent front suspension with upper and lower control
arms and a stabilizer bar to give you a road-hugging close ride. The Insta-Trac
system allows you to switch between two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive
"on-the-fly," with just the touch of a button. This baby has it all: power, han-
dling, and reliability.

Jeep(r) Wrangler:

This is what you want. Distinct, capable, real; Jeep is a legendary name
among off-road vehicles. This is the ultimate freedom machine; the ultimate
racing machine. From fender to bumper, the Jeep(r) Wrangler has what it takes
to win races.

Feel the power of the high-output 4.0 litre 6-cylinder engine; a power plant
that delivers more horsepower and torque than any vehicle in its class. And
admire the Command-Trac(r) four-wheel drive system. Its low ranger more
than doubles the normal gear ratio and gives phenomenal low-speed power
and control in conditions that would bury normal vehicles, conditions that
you'll be racing in.

The new Quadra CoiI solid axle multi-link suspension combines the utmost
ruggedness and capability with pavement-happy ride and handling. The big
windshield gives you a clear, unobstructed view of the road ahead. The
superb engineering and Jeep toughness leaves the competition behind.


The Tracks:

There are twelve tracks to race on in TEST DRIVE: OFF-ROAD. Each of these
challenging courses plows through one of three challenging terrain types.

Forest Track

The dirt tracks are the happy mediums of this race circuit. Not as slippery as
a snow track, not as shifting as a desert track, these courses call for well-bal-
anced driving skills. Power-slides through the turns will serve you well here.
And when there are long straight aways, pile on the speed. But beware of the
bumps and hills on the tracks; these can leave you airborne when you should
be turning, and can even cause your vehicle to roll if you hit them at the
wrong speed and angle. You may be tempted to drive the entire course,
pedal-to-the-metal. But you'll be well served by moderation.

Desert Track

These tricky, shifting tracks are a real challenge. The fight here is for traction;
acceleration is much slower here. But be carefull It is hard to get going fast,
but it is also hard to stop quickly. If you aren't wary, you'll find yourself flying
off of the course, and have to spend valuable time re-tracing your path. Make
sure you give yourself plenty of time in the turns, and beware those momen-
tum-eating power skids.

Snow Track

The snow courses are almost the opposite of the desert courses. You can get
going quickly, but changing directions and slowing down are challenging.
Don't try to skid through the turns, or you'll find yourself doing donuts or


rolling. Anticipating the course is the key here; if you know what you are sup-
posed to do well in advance of doing it, you'll prosper. Avoid con act with the
other vehicles are all costs! More so than on the other two types of courses,
hitting another vehicle can cause you to loose control.

The Courses:

TEST DRIVE: OFF-ROAD has twelve courses for you to race on. In Practice Race
mode you can choose which course you want to race on, which is perfect for
practice. In league mode (single or mixed class), you will drive over six differ-
ent tracks. The number of laps for each race in a league may vary.
Track# Type Course
1. Forest Track Country Road
2. Desert Track Jump Jet
3. Desert Track Sand Speedway
4. Forest Track Ridge Runner
5. Snow Track Devil's Elbow
6. Snow Track Winter Wonderland
7. Forest Track Dirt Dash*
8. Desert Track Pharoah's Curse*
9. Desert Track Sand Trap*
10. Forest Track Under Construction*
11. Snow Track Snowball Express*
12. Snow Track Pipeline Way*

* After you have unlocked each of these tracks in Mixed League, you will get a
password so you can access the tracks during later play sessions.
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