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Boosting Attributes​

When you are creating a new character you have two possible ways to give him attributes (by rolling the dices which gives you automatically a number for each attribute, or the classical way in which you have to spend 25 points). But if you want to start playing with a perfect character there is an other way:

First start rolling the dices, you will notice that every drop is counted at the right side of the given numbers , continue rolling the dices untill you reach a BIG number,(try to remember the location of the given numers) then go to the other window in which you have 25 attribute point to spend .Double-click the icone that indicates the cost in attribute points you have to spend in order to increase further an attribute at the location which were given the numbers at the dices window,then you should normally see the numbers of the rolling dices window appearing in the attribute point screen !!!! In addition you will receive a VERY BIG number (the numbers of times you have drop the dices will be transformed in Attribute point!!!!!),Put those numbers in the attribute squares in the order you like.(And if you want to incease further more the attributes of your character you have 25 remaining points from the attribute point screen, just be careful enough to spend all the remaining points otherwise you won't be able to progress.

THAT's it Have fun!

Cheat Codes​

Start the game using the command line parameters listed below. Example ToEE.exe - nofog. To create a command line parameter make a shortcut to the game on your desktop and right click the shortcut to edit the properties. Where it loads the game just add the -mod or another option below:

-startmap (map)

Earn Massive Experience​

In the first village, Homlet, you stumble upon the first chest into the druid's house. With the rogue, a search finds a trap. When you try to disable the device and fail all of your characters get 252 experience points. Continue to your heart's desire. Also, you can hire an NPC and simply kill it. This works especially well when you hire any high level character.

Easy Armor​

This trick works best for a level 2 or higher character. Enter the inn at Hommlet after dark, and speak with Tuperello. Agree to a drinking contest, and after everyone has passed out you can safely walk up and take all the items that they own. This will only work until you win the drinking contest, so make sure you get everything that you want.

Exploiting NPCs​

You can easily exploit your NPCs by pooling (taking) all their gold. Do so, but leave one coin on each NPC or you may experience some difficulties. You can also claim more than your fair share of loot from defeated monsters. After the battle, do not investigate the bodies. Instead mark the spot on a map (or remember where the battle was) and head for town to rest for a few days. Head back to the site of the battle and you'll find the monsters' booty in an "item stack" (with no bodies). Take the stack and your NPCs will not lay claim to any of the monsters' dropped items.

Infinite Cash​

You need a good cleric to do this one. Find somewhere you can rest for free, and set all of your cleric's first level spells to "Bless Water". Rest, and then cast your bless water as many times as possible. You can then sell your holy water as much as you want, and it is free to create more.
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