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Loading cheats​

These must be don while Tak is following the yellow spark with the word Loading underneath him

Big/Small head;
Press the c (control) stick up (bigger) or down (smaller)

Press the a button for as long as you want him to run slow

Done exactly like sm, but you need to press b instead

Slow-mo Tip-toes;
Press a and b at the same time.

Unlock Multiplayer Characters​

To unlock the extra characters for the multiplayer dinky games, enter the right three numbers in your universal card for the juju potions.

Effect - Code

Balloon Head Showdown - 48-62-19
Barrel Blitz - 1-105-81
Catapult Chaos - 103-33-20
Chicken Tennis - 202-17-203
Chuckin' Chickens - 18-71-50
Dart Tomb Dogdem - 83-43-142
Dead Juju Character - 55-171-35
Fauna Character - 44-13-0
Flea Fly - 22-6-17
Frog Derby - 281-62-149
Glide Ride - 131-61-179
Gloomleaf Arena - 68-13-8
JB Character - 16-19-38
Krash Course - 5-41-41
Lok Character - 2-2-5
Snowboard Air Time - 233-127-204
Tlaloc Character - 99-363-2
Vine Climb - 8-1-37
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