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  • Alternate Ending Sequence
Successfully complete the game in less than 25 hours, with over 50 kills for Alphonse, and less than 10 of your characters dying or transformed into a sword with a Snapdragon.
  • Angel Knight With Bane And Lich With Virtue
When you get a Lich it is always of the alignment Bane and an Angel Knight is always Virtue. However, if you use the Urn Of Chaos on an Angel Knight its alignment will change to Bane. If you use the Tome Of Discipline on a Lich, its alignment will be changed to Virtue.

  • Character and item duplication
Note: This trick requires a link cable and another Tactics Ogre game. Make a backup save of the character and items to be duplicated. Go into your backup save. Trade off your item or character with the other game then reset your game. Reload it then load your original game and trade off again to get your character or item. Repeat this as many times as needed.

Lock all characters except the one to be duplicated. Equip the character to be duplicated with any weapons/armors/spells that you want to duplicate. Hire two soldiers (or use any two that you do not care if lost) and put them at the end in "XYZ" order, with the one to be duplicated last "Z". Get into a fight, using character "Y" in the battle and allow him to be killed. This does not have to be real battle, however if its training the character has to use a Snapdragon. After winning the battle, go to the menu, select "Sort" then "Execute". Confirm it, then cancel all the way out by pressing B. Go to any shop and sell all equipment that the duplicated character had equipped, including spells. To sell the items, sell 99 of it, then sell 58 plus however many you originally had and you will end up with 99 of that item. When done, you will have two characters with the same stats, name, items, and 99 of all equipment and spells that character had originally had, plus more money.

To get unlimited number of Snapdragon Swords, Pearl Necklaces, Circlet Of Wisdoms, etc., follow the character and item duplication hint, but as you cannot sell, just try to equip another character with it after it says 2/1. It can even go beyond 50/1. To "sell", or dispose, unequip until the number is 1/1. Then, do the trick again to get the items again. This also works
with "sellable" items.

Another way to duplicate pearl (before Sotavento) necklace is to first select a weapon/armor. Then, select Eleanor. Put the Hand Over Pearl Necklace and press L. This only works if you followed the step above. Equip someone else with it. Go the Eleanor's equipment, select "Ideal Type", "Power Type", or "Release All". She will be re equipped with it. It will then read 2/1, giving you unlimited necklaces.
  • Delete Saved Data
Enter DEL.DATA as a name at the character screen for either the main character or a character that you are buying to delete all current files. In the Japanese version, enter DEL_DATA as a name.
  • Easy Emblem
Go Tosolea and buy one to five level 1 Fairies. Bring them into a training match with whoever you want to get emblems and put him on team A and the Fairies on team B. Make sure the Fairies have no armor or weapons. Since they are so weak, you should be able to hit them and get emblems easily (such as War God, Berserk Knight, Certificate Lancer. Philosopher's Stone. Animal Hunter, and more).
  • Easy Items
If you want some easy items and have an excellent team, go to the first quest level. Set the amount of turns to 1 and switch all of your used characters to Ninja class. Have them all use their special ability on the enemy leader.
  • Four Element Katanas
Go to the Batraal chronology. Next, choose 'Defeat All'. Set the turns to either 3 or 6. You may be able to get the Four Element Katanas by playing it repeatedly.
  • Glycinia
If You Stop (not Get Encountered, But Have These Areas As Your Destination) At Certain Places At Certain Times, You May Find Glycinia, A Fairy. Depending On Her Location, She Will Have Different Items. She Always Has A Glass Pumpkin. Her Notable Equipment Includes

Vespa (until you defeat Bison or Suffrir): none
Bison: (until you defeat Aquila): Tundra Bow, Ice Chain
Suffrir (same as Bison): Dragon Gem Sword
Aquila (until you defeat Vespa): Peregrine mail
Vespa (until you defeat Haena): Holy Comet (whip)
Heana (until you defeat Charadrius): Ripple's Staff
Lutra (end of game): Crescente (bow)
Re: Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis

  • Human Dragon
Have A Character Equip All Four Dragon Items. The Person's Element Determines Which Dragon Breath They Receive As A 'special'. Equip These Four Items: Dragon Helm, Dragon Armor, Dragon Shield, Dragon Eyes. Then, Your Character's Element Will Be Expressed In Dragon Breath

Wind: Thunder Breath (stuns)
Fire: Fire Breath (confuses)
Earth: Poison Breath (poisons)
Water: Water Breath (puts asleep)
The 'Special' Breath will cost 25 MP, and you will no longer have a weapon, but only a shield.
  • Lubina
After getting Glycinia, go to Gracula. There will be a gremlin named Lubinnia, equipped with a Sherwood Bow. Have Glycinia go next to this gremlin. It is Lubina in disguise. If both fairies are next to each other, and neither has moved this turn, they can combine their powers to cast Magic Barrage, which costs half their HP, and does great damage for fairies. It also vanquishes undead.
  • Music Test
Enter MUSIC.ON as a name at the character screen for either the main character or a character that you are buying. In the Japanese version, enter MUSIC_ON as a name.
  • Necromancy
To acquire Necromancy, complete the Batraal Chronicles quest level. In order to use this spell, you must have Elrik. He is the only person able to use this spell, unless you have a Lich readily available. This powerful spell brings back any unit and turns it into a ghost.
  • Quest Mode Hints
Did you know that there are two rule settings in Quest Mode? It's up to you to pick either "Defeat Leader" (which is the default) or "Defeat All." The latter will yield more items, whereas "Defeat Leader" will get you higher quality (but fewer items) if you're fast enough. So pick "Defeat Leader" if you're confident that you'll be able to take down the leader in seven turns or less. If you're out to get a large number of items and take a longer time to finish battles, then "Defeat All" is the choice for you.
  • Ultimate Archer
Equip a character with the four Enchanted Hunting Wares. The movement range increases significantly if all four are equipped.
  • Ultimate Bane Resistance
In the Tundra Geology quest, you can get the four Divine Armaments. They are: Oracion (sword, Banish effect), Freude Helm, Saint's Shield, and Southern Cross (armor). When a character is equipped with all four, he or she is immune to Bane weapons, spells, and support spells. The only downside is that you cannot increase their MP with Fluid magic or Energy Transfer.
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