tactics ogre let us cling together crashes on the 1st real battle, help !


i downloaded the usa and eu version of the game and used iso tool prometheus to sort it out its all fine till the first real battle just goes to a black screen and shuts my psp down, I am using 5.50 gen d (full) and I can play other games fine its just I want to play this one :P if anyone could explain a fix to this would be great.

I am also a noob at all this patching and stuff i just follow tutorials and stuff but if you could explain using full words and not shorten words into 2 letters would be great.
Custom Firmware (CFW): You mentioned that you are using 5.50 GEN-D (Full). This is a custom firmware that allows you to run homebrew applications and play pirated or modified games on your PSP. Please note that using CFW to play games you haven't legally purchased can be illegal and against the terms of service of your PSP.

Game Patching: To run certain games on CFW, you often need to patch them to make them compatible. It seems you've used an ISO tool called "Prometheus" to prepare your game files. However, these tools can sometimes introduce errors or incompatibilities.

Black Screen Issue: The fact that the game crashes and goes to a black screen during the first real battle indicates that there might be a compatibility issue or a problem with the game's patched files.
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