TA-088 v1/v2 vs. TA-088v3?



I need a little help with something. Been reading a lot, but not quite finding the answer. So here's the info:

I have two PSP 2000 systems. Both currently have 6.20 PRO-B-5 Permanent.

I ran PSPident 0.70 on both and here's the basic gist of what I found:

White Star Wars PSP 2000:
Motherboard Model: TA-085
Bat. EEPROM access: Yes
Poss CFW: yes

Blue PSP 2000:
Motherboard Model: TA-088 v1/v2
Bat. EEPROM access: No
Poss CFW: yes

So the Star Wars can make a Pandora Battery, the Blue one cannot. I got that. Here's where I'm getting confused:

In The Hack Your PSP Mega-Thread, it says; "PSP 2000 Hackable (not TA-088v3)".

Is there a difference between TA-088 v1/v2, and TA-088v3?

I'm basically trying to prepare for a possible brick some day on either system. From what I've read, hackable PSPs can be unbricked with a Pandora Battery. I'd say the Star Wars PSP is fine, but what about the Blue one?

Can TA-088 v1/v2 still use a Pandora Battery? I know it cannot make one, but use?

If not, is there anything I can do if the Blue one does brick? Is there some way of backing something up and re-flashing later other than the Pandora Battery?

Thanks for any help!
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