Syphon Filter: Combat Ops Archive USA NPUG-80114 CWCheats

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final kaoss

Staff member
#Maximum Kills
;Credit DFZ And Grimm
;Hz 15/1000
0xffffffff 0x00657044
0x00000028 0x7f800000

#Max Kills
;Credit DFZ And Grimm
;Hz 15/1000
0x0000640c 0x0a200240
0x00000900 0x3c0808e5
0x00000904 0x8d087044
0x0000090c 0x19000004
0x00000910 0x3c097f80
0x00000914 0x35290000
0x00000918 0xad090028
0x0000091c 0x03e00008

0xFFFFFFFF 0x0065A968
0x00000074 0x40600000

#Sklywalker Subroutine
;Hz 15/1000
0x0000640c 0x0a200200
0x00000800 0x3c0808e6
0x00000804 0x8d08a968
0x00000808 0x19000003
0x0000080c 0x3c094060
0x00000810 0x35290000
0x00000814 0xad090074
0x00000818 0x03e00008

#1337 Stats
;Credit SonniE
0x004cab38 0x0e2000e8
0x000003a0 0x3c0808e5
0x000003a4 0x8d087064
0x000003a8 0x3c090539
0x000003ac 0x25290539
0x000003b0 0x340a0539
0x000003b4 0xad0a0044
0x000003b8 0xad09000c
0x000003bc 0xad090010
0x000003c0 0xad090014
0x000003c4 0xad090018
0x000003c8 0xad09001c
0x000003cc 0x03e00008
0x000003d0 0x0e331e68
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