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  • All levels
This code will access all of the levels in the entire game. All you have to do is pause the game and highlight the map option. Once this is done press Right, R1, L2, X at the same time. If it is done right you should hear a laugh. | [CoolinIce]
  • All Weapons Unlimited Ammo For That Level
Pause the game and go to the opitions menu and hold|: right + L1 + R2 + Circle + Square + X.

NOTE: You must do this in order and the weapons are only for that level. | [ChrisC.]
  • Back Up
For back-up in Georgia Street simply press pause in the game and press and hold triangle, up, down and square. If done correctly you should hear a "move, move, move". | [JordanJohnson]
  • Hard game mode
At the title screen press and hold, Left, L1, R2, SELECT, square, circle, X.
  • Invincibility
Pause gameplay and select the 'Select Mission' option. Now press Left, L1, R1, R2, Triangle, Square. | [CenturionZ_1]
  • Level select
First pause the game and go in the options menu go to select mission and reaptively if it doesn't work the first time press and hold Left, L1, R1, select, Square, and X.
  • Movie Theater
Go into the building where Kravitch is located in the first level (Georgia Street). After killing the first enemy in that building before Kravitch, climb into the room that he is in. Go out the window and to the area where there are CBDC Gaurds on the buildings and enemies behind two blown up police cars. Walk over to the movie theater entrance (Note: You cannot enter it, yet.). Pause your game and highlight the Map option. Press and hold L2+R1+X.
  • One hit kills
Pause gameplay and select the 'Objectives' option. Now press Right, L1, R1, R2, Circle, X. | [CenturionZ_1]
Re: Syphon Filter

  • Super 9mm Ammo
Pause the game, highlight the "silenced 9mm" under the weapons options then hold "Left + L1+ R2 + Select + Square + X" push these at the same time and you will hear Gabe say "UNDERSTOOD". | [swat-shark]
  • Survive Burning
To survive burning press start rapidly after catching on fire. | [EYE]
  • Unlimited Ammo
To get unlimited ammo press start and go to weapon then press and hold these buttons Right, L2, R2, circle, square, X, keep trying it because it might not work the first time.
  • Unlimited Weapons and Ammo's
Pause the game, highlight weapons at the same time hold down: L-2 + R-2 + right + square + circle + x this code must be entered at every level after a major briefing.
  • Weak Enemies
Pause the game then press and hold, Right, R1, L2, X and if you entered it properly you would hear a person laugh.
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