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To the right of Hastings is a cave where you get the Old Nick Armor.Take it but don't equip it.Go to Swaffham using the Aries spell(of course)and get Rapheal's Stick from the weapons shop(the first shop on the left).Then equip the Old Nick Armor then use the Rapheal's Stick to uncurse yourself.You will see that your AC has gone down a bit.Repeat until your AC is below 0.Then Equip the armor of your choice.EVERY MONSTER DOES ONLY 1 DAMAGE, EVEN TSARKON!This will only work until you gain your next level.Then Just do the code again.
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When you get to Excalabria, to the south is a cave where the Death Sword is.Find it,take it,but don't equip it.Then use the Aries spells to go to Swaffham.Then go to the weapons shop(the first ruin on the right)and get the Rapheal's Stick.Equip the Death Sword,then use the Rapheal's Stick to uncurse yourself.If you look at your STR you will see that your Str has gone down.Repeat until your STR is down below Zero.Then be sure you have the Bronze Sword.Equip your Bronze Sword and voila!You can kill every monster in one hit(save for The Second Part of Tsarkon).It will only work until your next level but you can still do it again.
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