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Super Spy Hunter

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Sunsoft(r) for the Nintendo Entertainment System(r)


Super Spy Hunter(tm)

Instruction Manual


Game Story

The year is 2525. The United Nations are the target for a major covert attack
by terrorists. Their devious intentions are to destabilize defense systems and
to overthrow the allied governments. This covert action is the evil demise of
the international terrorist known as "X".

The CIA has just received information which indicates that "X" is near comp-
letion of an ultimate war weapon which will enable him to begin his attack.
The CIA has sent out their best agents in order to undermine his criminal
espionage but all have failed. Finally, they call upon rookie agent Rachel
(Code HE03) who has been specially trained in international espionage. Much
time passes and she has not yet returned. For fear that "X" has her in his
evil grasp, the CIA calls on an unofficial agent in a last desperate attempt
to save the world from utter chaos. This agent's code name is SSH "Super Spy


Game Play Operation

Directional Button (D-Button) - maneuvers vehicle in all directions
Select Button - not used
Start Button - start and pause game play

Car Stages
A Button - Controls cannons in manual mode
- Activates special weapons
B Button - Shoots bullets

Boat Stages
A Button - Controls cannons in manual mode
B Button - Shoots bullets

Plane Stages
A Button - Not used
B Button - Shoots bullets


Using your Weapons

Car Stages
There are two types of weapons vehicles: Blue and Red. Red weapon vehicles
supply power. Blue weapon vehicles supply special attack items. Weapon vehic-
les will appear on the screen periodically throughout the levels. To obtain
an item from the weapon vehicle, shoot at it until it is destroyed. Once the
weapon vehicle is destroyed, it will release a weapon capsule and the player
must pick up the capsule in order to obtain the item and use it to defeat the

Boat Stages
You must rely only on your bullets, skill and wit to defeat your enemies. No
weapon vehicles are available during these stages.

Plane Stages
Only Red weapon items (power) will be available.


Weapon Items

Blue Items

O Oil Slick - Destroys everything behind you.
T Tire Slasher - Destroys enemies on both sides of you.
G Cannon Attack - Cannon detaches from vehicle and hovers around the screen
destroying everything in its path.
B Super Bomb - Blows up everything on the screen.
1 1 Up - Increases number of lives by one.
L Life Refill - Fills up life gauge by 4 increments at a time.

- The bottom left corner of your screen indicated what item you have collected.
- Any item you collect will replace the item previously collected.
- To activate Blue item, press A Button (except 1 Up and Life Gauge; they will
occur automatically).

Red Items

P Power Up - Will power up your vehicle (up to 5 times normal power for car
and 6 times normal power for plane).
R Rapid Shooting - Increases shot speed (up to 3 times normal speed in car
stages and up to 4 times normal speed for plane stages).
C Cannon Control - Changes cannons on top of car to automatic or manual.
- Changes missile in plane to super missile or homing missile.
L Life Gauge - Increases size of life gauge by 4 increments. Maximum power at
12 increments.

- Red items are activated automatically.


Power Ups

Power ups can only be obtained in the Car and Plane stages.

Car (Up to 5 times normal power)
- increases the size of the car
- increases the size of shots fired
- increases ease of handling

Plane (Up to 6 times normal power)
- increases shots fired


In the Plane stages only you may use two kinds of missiles.

Super Missile - Very powerful but only moves forward to destroy.
Homing Missile - Not as powerful but will chase enemies all over the screen.

To change from one to the other you must pick up the Cannon Control from the
Red weapon vehicle.


Warning signs

Warning signs will appear on the top of your screen to indicate what is coming
up ahead.

Road Dividing
Left Curve
Right Curve
Caution - Danger Zone
Road Narrowing


On Screen Display

Life Gauge
Warning Sign
Special Weapon

At the start of each game you are equipped with 5 power lives. When the life
gauge is empty or you drive off your course, you lose one of your power lives.
When all 5 power lives are lost the game is over.

When the vehicle is hit by a bullet, missile or road obstacle, life increments
are lost. By picking up a Blue special weapon, "Life Refill", you can refill
your life gauge 4 increments at a time. By picking up the Red special weapon,
"Life Gauge", you can build up your life gauge up to 12 increments, 4 incre-
ments at a time and also fill up the entire life gauge.


Levels of Game Play

Mission 1 - Aquapolis
Boss - Armored Transport

Mission 2 - Desert of Doom
Boss - Turret Terminator

Mission 3 - Hazardous Detour
Boss - Laser Cannon

Mission 4 - Collapsible Canyon
Boss - Magnetic Destroyer

Mission 5 - Amphibious/Aerial Assault
Boss - Turbo-Prop Space Cruiser

Mission 6 - Weapons Factory
Boss - ?
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