Super Mario Advance (USA) (Demo) (Kiosk)

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final kaoss

Staff member
Top(M) Must Be OnCodejunkies71941BCB 65A1C583
1802DCF0 525FE061
TopAlways Big MarioCodejunkiesADF2A0EE 94504FB2
TopAlways InvincibleViper1875EE912AC DB50B254
TopAlways LuigiSax9BEBB71F E25F536D
TopAlways MarioSax49C01DDF B97B1D2F
TopAlways PeachSax715DF8B8 F4F7C83B
TopAlways ToadSax9280C7DB 3EF8FD87
TopGet A Star Everytime You Pick Up A CherryViper1878A4EEDAF 0F87D64D
TopGS Button For Moon Jump/Quick FallZap22C71117D F0FF78D9
BA8EF8DD F6558224
TopGS Button For SlowXAnimalDBBA3A89 4CB74B94
TopHave All 5 CoinsCodejunkies7961AED6 DAE39F98
TopHave Both Yoshi EggsCodejunkies29314C06 3B5AC3C6
TopInfinite FloatCodejunkies28D79342 8B546CF3
TopInfinite LivesCodejunkies8C706CE2 7289B36D
TopInfinite Star PowerCodejunkies831814AC 06354AE1
TopInvincible/Walk Thru EnemiesCodejunkies0D471028 77191D71
TopMax ScoreCodejunkies0E1CE091 424397DC
TopStart At World 7-2Sax96F34CBD F1D9D500
TopStart On World 1-2SaxD016C98F E7B80A66
TopStart On World 1-3SaxB0973511 BD18403B
TopStart On World 2-1Sax783D2499 2789E78F
TopStart On World 2-2Sax4F8CB2B3 DFFF0E53
TopStart On World 2-3Sax4BE13681 B84C3C24
TopStart On World 3-1Sax697A1700 DD9A6DE0
TopStart On World 3-2SaxFFE2291D CD210983
TopStart On World 3-3Sax2C047EC2 C15CE453
TopStart On World 4-1Sax344D7DBC 77A72868
TopStart On World 4-2SaxF0DE95A8 DF36CFC5
TopStart On World 4-3SaxDB0D21D5 1CF8602A
TopStart On World 5-1SaxBEE06B2E A1BCD8D6
TopStart On World 5-2SaxC0F438CB 1CFDB481
TopStart On World 5-3SaxADD62140 D20F357B
TopStart On World 6-1Sax8A0996A6 B02DBF1D
TopStart On World 6-2Sax8466A731 3177AE04
TopStart On World 6-3SaxCE10190D BE694C61
TopStart On World 7-1Sax1AF191DC 548FB12C
TopInfinite LivesXAnimalA47B5F6F 38CAF74F
TopInfinite POW Block (Bottom)Sax855F9181 798EEDB0
CA0E2D22 E8470305
D067390C 83A2103F
TopInfinite POW Block (Top)SaxA9E649F5 0B310773
1480E03F CB1DB02A
A4388F12 182BBFCC
1A8D106B F463E6CB
TopMax Score P1 ClassicUnknown4CB2957D 8BE9492F
TopOne Enemy To KillXAnimal2B8C2434 5CD8E866
TopStart On Phase 10Freeza0FB46BDC FF7713F9
TopStart On Phase 11Freeza72EEF4B6 FF322EF7
TopStart On Phase 12Freeza393FF306 594096C8
TopStart On Phase 13Freeza845952A0 EA5F2928
TopStart On Phase 14FreezaEAE9C616 0847C644
TopStart On Phase 15Freeza8075682E 8C8BF02F
TopStart On Phase 16Freeza8079A0C7 24D049CD
TopStart On Phase 17Freeza320A8A01 9DB942B5
TopStart On Phase 18FreezaE2BD685C 0BA1DE44
TopStart On Phase 19Freeza48C87DE7 CC332088
TopStart On Phase 2FreezaCD38EE97 008F27A4
TopStart On Phase 20FreezaD2FB44C8 68612D50
TopStart On Phase 21Freeza95559904 81BB49C8
TopStart On Phase 22Freeza4F342B0F 768F3804
TopStart On Phase 23Freeza130CDA4E 11FBDA4B
TopStart On Phase 24FreezaF5B34F7D 00DC106D
TopStart On Phase 25Freeza989CA4DB E9BACFE5
TopStart On Phase 26Freeza7C2DBD90 58DE6468
TopStart On Phase 27FreezaE85E1CAC B9BBFC47
TopStart On Phase 28Freeza1302F7E8 8457E62C
TopStart On Phase 29Freeza5BAD3C95 DAE3F967
TopStart On Phase 3FreezaDEBA6DC8 1CB8D2A3
TopStart On Phase 30Freeza77E72479 7A3D9310
TopStart On Phase 31FreezaB8660F87 EC2BB408
TopStart On Phase 32FreezaBF6C333F 0A39D926
TopStart On Phase 33FreezaC0F591F4 0487E1F8
TopStart On Phase 34FreezaF57F0B43 262F7031
TopStart On Phase 35FreezaEFDDCABD BE62B642
TopStart On Phase 36Freeza62B5936E 88F2AE47
TopStart On Phase 37Freeza35744E29 A5C95AD0
TopStart On Phase 38Freeza8297C41A 84BBC730
TopStart On Phase 39FreezaE9B97C3C 08800137
TopStart On Phase 4FreezaCDBD892D F2111AB7
TopStart On Phase 40Freeza06747C94 6C5C67D7
TopStart On Phase 41Freeza769B91A2 2B070028
TopStart On Phase 42Freeza0252F832 716A1350
TopStart On Phase 43Freeza1F2D03CC 64A0E62A
TopStart On Phase 44Freeza6A2C1010 64A60432
TopStart On Phase 45Freeza7DB2963B 939693E5
TopStart On Phase 46FreezaADE4B161 803CFC6A
TopStart On Phase 47Freeza9CAD3813 CE2D5762
TopStart On Phase 48Freeza8E44E5A6 06115488
TopStart On Phase 49Freeza0945AB24 28EFAF3A
TopStart On Phase 5Freeza4B8E3CD5 E5B039CE
TopStart On Phase 50FreezaE3F5C523 D6342A9D
TopStart On Phase 51FreezaF740213E 48B03A35
TopStart On Phase 52FreezaCA807847 4A719E4A
TopStart On Phase 53Freeza9F066A47 FFBBBB72
TopStart On Phase 54FreezaBFC51061 4B5B5285
TopStart On Phase 55FreezaCF5516F9 3376301C
TopStart On Phase 56Freeza9D0C0AAD F7299523
TopStart On Phase 57Freeza47A6E24A 78B81916
TopStart On Phase 58Freeza65FE7CAD 37300A10
TopStart On Phase 59Freeza53CA594B 85EF4DDD
TopStart On Phase 6Freeza4DAEF1F8 AC96EBA1
TopStart On Phase 60FreezaE489D557 39B70646
TopStart On Phase 61Freeza575AFB26 4DE5D24B
TopStart On Phase 62Freeza4D88E4C5 C9E4B063
TopStart On Phase 63FreezaD17D43B2 8E9A733E
TopStart On Phase 64Freeza1DD14B92 D810CF8D
TopStart On Phase 65Freeza57B29F09 628E26B0
TopStart On Phase 66Freeza1C2569F6 9617FB8B
TopStart On Phase 67FreezaAE85400F 4A8CF5DB
TopStart On Phase 68Freeza5FE07021 16A14C5D
TopStart On Phase 69FreezaC041D0AD 4A29C0DF
TopStart On Phase 7FreezaC4F03ABB 665ACA3E
TopStart On Phase 70Freeza11C0BAD6 988DB992
TopStart On Phase 71FreezaB4BC32F7 1846D3BC
TopStart On Phase 72Freeza2B880322 D0C01187
TopStart On Phase 73Freeza3446640D CB4D0844
TopStart On Phase 74FreezaB3C71F9C B7B74EBB
TopStart On Phase 75Freeza997828B0 DB0484ED
TopStart On Phase 76Freeza195D0D35 61EC6D2F
TopStart On Phase 77FreezaEE22EC74 F3469155
TopStart On Phase 78Freeza190B7CB8 CCF425E1
TopStart On Phase 79FreezaE8F68A18 875E3FC9
TopStart On Phase 8FreezaFF191FD8 22A26674
TopStart On Phase 80FreezaF0946A62 8C11CEFD
TopStart On Phase 81FreezaB7FB149C 347CF4BA
TopStart On Phase 82Freeza36566D1C 7B298771
TopStart On Phase 83FreezaA37699B7 DC867809
TopStart On Phase 84Freeza22EC782C 126EFB21
TopStart On Phase 85Freeza2859F216 31A70D0E
TopStart On Phase 86Freeza34CD28F6 A2CB61F2
TopStart On Phase 87Freeza445FB750 A6020944
TopStart On Phase 88Freeza9148B280 B9A85C59
TopStart On Phase 89FreezaF96ED306 33ED7CA8
TopStart On Phase 9FreezaEDF5760F 69E86AB3
TopStart On Phase 90Freeza3142989C AB779771
TopStart On Phase 91Freeza681E0AF2 23DBBACC
TopStart On Phase 92Freeza12C4AB0C 4FB533D6
TopStart On Phase 93FreezaB992257F 13C6004F
TopStart On Phase 94Freeza69E9E943 54F56B92
TopStart On Phase 95FreezaBAF7B682 33C1E8CF
TopStart On Phase 96FreezaBC13CBFF C2CA87C1
TopStart On Phase 97FreezaA9DAE4CC 0591A1E2
TopStart On Phase 98FreezaAA8799B3 8E594BA8
TopStart On Phase 99Freeza3147A6AE 76C9C076
TopAll Ace Coins CollectedUgetab43001150 FFFF
00000006 0002
3300115C 00FF
The code will also mess with the 'Levels Completed' meter, which is an undesirable effect
TopHave All Yoshi EggsUgetab83001140 FFFF
83001142 FFFF
33001144 00FF
If you collect an egg while in a level before you enable these codes, then you'll be able to see the effect of collecting all of the eggs in the game. Yoshi Eggs can be found in Subspace, which is accessed by Potion doors
TopHave Maximum ScoreUgetab8300114C 967F
3300114E 0098
TopInf JumpAbsolute Empty33001C7E 00FF
33001C71 0000
With this codes you could jump and run in mid air.Hold A to stop from falling down after jump and you could move in mid air while holding A.
TopAlways Able To Do Super JumpsCode Master,DarkSerge,Unknown,XAnimal,Arukas83001C7E 3C00
TopAlways Have Star PowerCode Master,DarkSerge,Unknown,XAnimal,Arukas33001C88 0019
TopAlways LuigiCode Master,DarkSerge,Unknown,XAnimal,Arukas33001C70 0003
TopAlways MarioCode Master,DarkSerge,Unknown,XAnimal,Arukas33001C70 0000
TopAlways PrincessCode Master,DarkSerge,Unknown,XAnimal,Arukas33001C70 0001
TopAlways ToadCode Master,DarkSerge,Unknown,XAnimal,Arukas33001C70 0002
TopCan Always Collect Coins In Sub-Worldiamstillhiro111233001A3C 0000
TopHave 100% Ace CoinsCode Master,DarkSerge,Unknown,XAnimal,Arukas43001150 FFFF
00000007 0002
TopHave 99 Coins (Press L)Helder74000130 01FF
E3001A06 0100
TopHave All Yoshi EggsUgetab83001140 FFFF
83001142 FFFF
33001144 00FF
If you collect an egg while in a level before you enable these codes, then you'll be able to see the effect of collecting all of the eggs in the game. Yoshi Eggs can be found in Subspace, which is accessed by Potion doors.
TopHitting Enemies With Veggies Gives You ? Pointsiamstillhiro111233001E30 000?Only works on some enemies. 4 - 1-Up 3 - 8,000 Points 2 - 2,000 Points 1 - 800 Points 0 - 200 Points
TopInfinite Carpet Riding Timeiamstillhiro111233001E2D 0087
TopInfinite EnergyCode Master,DarkSerge,Unknown,XAnimal,Arukas33001C76 00FF
TopInfinite Giant POW Block Usageiamstillhiro111233002125 0001
TopInfinite Hover (Princess Peach)Code Master,DarkSerge,Unknown,XAnimal,Arukas33001C7E 001A
TopInfinite LivesCode Master,DarkSerge,Unknown,XAnimal,Arukas33001161 0009
TopInvincibleCode Master,DarkSerge,Unknown,XAnimal,Arukas73001C7C 1000
83001C7C 3000
TopMax HeartsCode Master,DarkSerge,Unknown,XAnimal,Arukas33001C77 0007
TopMax ScoreCode Master,DarkSerge,Unknown,XAnimal,Arukas8300114C E0FF
8300114E 05F5
TopMultiple JumpsCode Master,DarkSerge,Unknown,XAnimal,Arukas33001C71 0000
TopPress & Hold Select To Freeze EnemiesCode Master,DarkSerge,Unknown,XAnimal,ArukasD0000020 0004
33001CAC 00FF
TopWalk Thru AnythingCode Master,DarkSerge,Unknown,XAnimal,Arukas33001C89 0000With this code, you must have the Multiple Jumps code on or or you will fall off the screen and die.
TopWorld ModifierCode Master,DarkSerge,Unknown,XAnimal,Arukas33001160 00??
TopAlways Phase Number ??Ugetab33001DFC 00??00-63 are the valid values. Phase 99 is the maximum it counts to.
TopInfinite CreditsCode Master,DarkSerge,Unknown,XAnimal,Arukas33001E34 0004
TopInfinite LivesCode Master,DarkSerge,Unknown,XAnimal,Arukas33001E35 0009
TopMax ScoreCode Master,DarkSerge,Unknown,XAnimal,Arukas83001E10 423F
83001E12 000F
TopOne Enemy To KillCode Master,DarkSerge,Unknown,XAnimal,Arukas33001DEE 0000
TopEnable Code (Must Be On - Alternate Code)Code Master,DarkSerge,XAnimal,Arukas971CEF98 A128
60E39595 617C
TopEnable Code (Must Be On)Code Master,DarkSerge,Unknown,XAnimal,Arukas000042E1 000A
10001306 0007
TopHit Anywherenolberto82630942E8 6E8E43C4
AD86124F 2823D8DA
TopJump In Midairnolberto822113B1B5 2518E479
924AC84E 6409D6B3

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